God Is Great Poem by LilJoy Yogesh

God Is Great

He makes us cry,
He makes us smile,
But pain surrounds all the while.

He gives us courage,
Gives us fears,
But victory always belongs to tears.

He gave us birth,
Gave us life,
But nor a single reason to be alive.
Still their is no regret
Cos my Best Friend say “God is great”

He has everything in plenty,
But still is the biggest miser of all;
Generates in us a lots of filthy wishes,
Which in seconds, He vanishes;
Bows in us the seeds of hope,
Which are all out of his scope.
Imparts us a vision to dream,
Of which none He can redeem.
He has sole power to dictate
After all “God is great”

Few He helped to make crores,
Millions still wander on the roads;
Few are fed upon the best food,
Thousands still even walk nude;
He made the rich and the poor.
But for all He is not a well-doer
Its all just about your line of fate
He is partial still “God is great”

He made everyone as human,
But divided them by CASTE
People say all are same for Him,
Than why there’s a difference so vast..?
Under same tag of ”HUMAN” did He create,
But distinguishes everyone, still God is great.

He is the only one,
Believed in by million;
People wait for Him in longest queue,
Even though He is just a statue;
Thinking may be someday He wakes up,
Which although seems to be tough;
Still in fake hope of His blessings we wait,
Because we think God is great.

But all this is not true
My BestFriend has a wrong view
She says, it’s not yet so late,
Believe me God is great;
Someday He’ll come and fulfill our wish,
They are all under His will to accomplish………..

But I know it’s impossible, it’s impossible
Oh! God, are You so incapable..?
To grant and fulfill a wish of mine
To make everything fine

Miroslava Odalovic 14 January 2012

There are interesting directions of thinking here, God depicted as an idol sitting on a wheel of fortune steering God knows where. Both descriptions are out of my scope of belief, I believe evil is the outcome of human free will, but I think I understand the underlying questions in this poem, If God is good why does evil happen or why does God allow evil to happen, have been asking the same question many times, I think it is because God is not an idol who manipulates human free will. I can understand your pain and anger. It's a tough one, leads to lots of atheism. However, atheism has not resolved the issue either. Your free will will find the answer that best suits your choice. Wish you all the best on whatever track of thinking you pick up. Thank you for inviting me to read this.

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Bharat Mehru 25 December 2011

dear, as you wished I am commenting. god should not be measured through the scale of our fulfilled wishes. For me god is the name of good intentions.All the problems around are to be attributed to the HUMAN himself, as Kara Towe puts it- human is the only creature who has given FREE WILL.As far as your poem is concerned- it's body is very good.You can go far with the carrier, Good Luck.

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Kara Towe 25 December 2011

Since you requested my reading of your poem, and asked me to leave a comment here it is; Well, certainly a lot of anger. The world is what it is because of it, God had nothing to do with that, it's humans having been allowed free will. So the next time you feel like lashing out, try thinking about your own anger, and how the rest of the world follows that. The mirror has two faces, The Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson really expresses my point of view. Good write, hopefully next time you can put it to better use.

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Thembani Mbambo 28 August 2011

Nice poem, god is great

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