A Final Goodbye Poem by Emma Jane Rae

A Final Goodbye

Rating: 2.7

Do you think,
it's ok to give these commands?
Do you think,
it's acceptable to make,
outrageous demands?
Do you think,
it's ok to make your daughter suffer?
after how you have acted,
you dont deserve to be a mother!
All the sleepless nights,
and the puffy eyes,
why did you,
feel the need to lie?
i thought we were close,
you were my bestfriend!
but this is something,
that not even you can mend!
what about when i want,
your opinion, your advice?
may as well try,
to throw a 7 with one dice.
you destroyed my life,
and i watched it end there,
but you were to selfish,
you just didnt care!
you riped my heart,
into a thousand shreds,
a feeling that makes,
me wish i was dead!
Sometimes i laugh,
and sometimes i cry,
so i guess what im saying mum,
this really is GOODBYE!

Rick Adriolo 06 February 2012

Hard and powerfull.. here's the message and deal with it! the kind of poem I love..

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Nangula Immanuel 04 April 2009

Wow! this is beautiful! the sequence just seems to flow, its real good. forgiving is hard to do, but it can be done! ! ! all the best!

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Wojja Fink 07 March 2009

forgiveness mends all broken hearts makes a whole of many parts love returns to ease the pain and a mother's smile returns again

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Milica Franchi De Luri 25 February 2009

Hi Emma! Very powerful wards, nicely arranged to describe your fillings.I like it a lot.Maybe your next poem will be about forgiveness. All the best.

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