I'M Just A Friend.... Poem by Jessica Elizondo

I'M Just A Friend....

He smiles at me and my heart goes wild. I see his number on my

phone and a text that says 'hey' and my heart goes estatic. when I see

him with his friends, all I want to do is go up behind him and hug him

and never let go.....But when he says that I'm his bestfriend my heart

dies a little each time. Each blow will end in heartbreak. All I want him

to do is hold me so tight and never let me go. I want him to love me like

I love him....What does she have that I don't? ...Oh ya, your heart....He

smiles at me, gives me hugs, and says I'm cute. And everytime he

does I whisper 'I love you'. But I'm just a friend.....You have my heart

dear and no matter how hard I try I can't let you out. even if I'm just a

friend, I'll never stop loving you....

Arabian Heart 16 September 2008

a dangerous desert love is you wonder around looking for the right thing to say to please it and sometime it will give you an oasis or leave you in a mirage A feeling i know well enough thank you for writing this

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Serenity Prayer 08 August 2008

to be completely, i dont know if they'll last long because he said that they dont see or talk to each other much so idk if they'll last but i dont think they will. thats just my opinion though, but thats what i think. i may be wrong or i may be right, idk. great job though.

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