Happiness (Reconsidered)

Is a clean bill of health from the doctor,
And the kids shouldn't move back home for
more than a year,
And not being audited, overdrawn, in Wilkes-Barre,
in a lawsuit or in traction.

Is falling asleep without Valium,
And having two breasts to put in my brassiere,

By The Fire-Side


How well I know what I mean to do
When the long dark autumn-evenings come:
And where, my soul, is thy pleasant hue?
With the music of all thy voices, dumb
In life's November too!


The Star Splitter

`You know Orion always comes up sideways.
Throwing a leg up over our fence of mountains,
And rising on his hands, he looks in on me
Busy outdoors by lantern-light with something
I should have done by daylight, and indeed,
After the ground is frozen, I should have done
Before it froze, and a gust flings a handful
Of waste leaves at my smoky lantern chimney
To make fun of my way of doing things,
Or else fun of Orion's having caught me.

O’ You My Luminescent Lips

esspeecee …15.06.09.

With your swinging lips
Together will go for
Virgin dating
In hanging garden of Babylon.

With your nimble lips
Together will go for

Gay Fight Is Over

Freedom fight is over,
Found safe place as cover,
Dark clouds still hover,
So much bed blood spill over,

Basic rights enshrined in constitution,
Existed this before as institution,
May not find favour with society,
Love can be worshipped as deity,

To E. Fitzgerald: Tiresias

OLD FITZ, who from your suburb grange,
Where once I tarried for a while,
Glance at the wheeling orb of change,
And greet it with a kindly smile;
Whom yet I see as there you sit
Beneath your sheltering garden-tree,
And watch your doves about you flit,
And plant on shoulder, hand, and knee,
Or on your head their rosy feet,
As if they knew your diet spares

Blue Blood

Spurn not the nobly born
With love affected,
Nor treat with virtuous scorn
The well connected.
High rank involves no shame -
We boast an equal claim
With him of humble name
To be respected!
Blue blood! Blue blood!
When virtuous love is sought,

.sex Scandal

Women expose breasts
seen in public jeeps
in wet-dry markets
not censored pornographic expose'
for humanitarian milk-feeding child
2 yrs. old and below...

Curved hips, shadow pelvic bones
painted butts, brushed by fine artists
a naked obscene exhibit


According to Culture Shock:
A Guide to Customs and Etiquette
of Filipinos, when my husband says yes,
he could also mean one of the following:
a.) I don't know.
b.) If you say so.
c.) If it will please you.
d.) I hope I have said yes unenthusiastically enough
for you to realize I mean no.
You can imagine the confusion

The Medical Examiner's Love

the medical examiner knew
she wasn't up-to-dating
but this was the woman who
he'd spent his life a-waiting

he knew all the details grim
of her life and her sad death
and when the police caught him
he readily confessed

! Beginning To End...

We were born alone...
I believe.. We die alone..
but maybe... if we haven't quite found our soulmate by that time..
They die with us?

I heard..2 Loves, on opposite ends.. will be luck enough to meet..
and have everlasting love..

Do you believe?

Dating Death

I am healthy but am dying
That much we do know,
Through layers of medical pages and
The gloomy glances of doctors -
This fact has now been etched in stone.

But what to do, what to do?
When there is so much of living left to live?
Included in this is the ebullient search
For the one thing never found in youth -

Limerick- Thus Ended Their Dating

Two lovers secretly planned on a ‘date'
They agreed to meet at dead of the night
Into darkness, as they stole
Fell into a deep manhole
There they stayed all night packed so tight!

Face Masks/Face Veils, The Same Thing

Masks prose without links

When last I visited India almost a decade ago
I recall riding on my brother's scooter
as he drove me around town,
And I saw fully veiled Muslim women
half their faces veiled, masked in Niqab
driving scooters, motorbikes, mopeds and motorcycles.
I also recall some women also covering half their faces with their dupattas

The Perfect Guy.

I dont want another boyfriend.
I hate this dating game.
I want someone who would treat me right,
And tell me im perfect in every way.
I want someone that cant live without me,
And says it everyday.
I want who understands me,
And kisses my pain away.
I want someone who would hold me and not let go,
Even if I try to run away.

Romance Never Dies

a boy and girl walking home from school one day.
girl-so what are we doing tonight
boy-i dont know want to watch a movie
girl-sure what are we going to watch?
boy-not sure yet ill think of something
girl-lets watch a romance.
boy-nooo thats boyfriend girlfriend junk.
gurl-(sighs) but umm well...
boy- what? whats rong.
girl-i was just hoping.

Albert Einstein 13 - Impediments In Love

Whether a fairy tale love story
Or a modern valentine love engagement,
There is always a villain or a vampire,
Making a wicked attempt,
To separate the passionate lovers,
Like sharp thorns between two rose petals!

In Albert and Mileva's case,
It was not an unknown enemy,
But Albert's own mother- Pauline Einstein,

Sex With A Famous Poet

I had sex with a famous poet last night
and when I rolled over and found myself beside him I shuddered
because I was married to someone else,
because I wasn't supposed to have been drinking,
because I was in fancy hotel room
I didn't recognize. I would have told you
right off this was a dream, but recently
a friend told me, write about a dream,
lose a reader and I didn't want to lose you
right away. I wanted you to hear

The Dream

'TWAS summer eve; the changeful beams still play'd
On the fir-bark and through the beechen shade;
Still with soft crimson glow'd each floating cloud;
Still the stream glitter'd where the willow bow'd;
Still the pale moon sate silent and alone,
Nor yet the stars had rallied round her throne;
Those diamond courtiers, who, while yet the West
Wears the red shield above his dying breast,
Dare not assume the loss they all desire,
Nor pay their homage to the fainter fire,

Because Of You

After all
We been through
I'm sorry
I never talk to you and wait too long
My chances are over because you move on
Because of you
I feel guilty
You were happy and smiling
Because of me