Dating Death Poem by Briony Nicholls

Dating Death

Rating: 4.8

I am healthy but am dying
That much we do know,
Through layers of medical pages and
The gloomy glances of doctors -
This fact has now been etched in stone.

But what to do, what to do?
When there is so much of living left to live?
Included in this is the ebullient search
For the one thing never found in youth -
My significant sweet other,

My one true love,
The one to carry me to the heights
Of all those earthly pivots of delight
The one mentioned in celebrations
And found in serene solemn epitaphs.

Infused with an aura of pink holiness,
The one who will make life finally worthwhile
And help soothe away the soot of disease,
The boot of wrack and ruin found
In the long hours of an arduous lonely life.

But who I fear may now never be found
While the battle for life resumes
And the dying of the light pursues
For how to tell each hopeful suitor
The end may be here soon?

Upon each intimation of my death
The same pained look, the same
Strained withdrawal is followed by the
Familiar cannon ball blow to the heart -
Each one fleeing as if to save his own life!

Perpetual travelling but not arriving
Is the fate of all lepers in love, who,
Hooked on hoping for one more chance
Persist in dancing till the very last dance
Through the long yellow starry night ahead.

Though each day is a Russian roulette barrel
Where the terminus may arrive in one breath
We continue as if there's always a tomorrow
Making many plans and ignoring likely sorrows
And so in finding love I hold similar faith.

Or is it in fact a supreme delusion
In the remains of emptying time,
To imagine the vultures will not find me, and
A lasting love may still be found? A delusion
As sweet and perilous as perilous life itself

Saturday, June 14, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love hurts
Colleen Courtney 14 June 2014

Whoa! I don't know if this is written in truth or a fabrication of how it really is what some go through. I guess it really doesn't matter. You've beautifully described the situation from both sides. The side of the one who is terminally I'll and how hard and scary it probably is for the person who knows his time with her will be so painfully short lived. Have added to my favorites list just so I can savor gain this beautifully worded poem.

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Perry Biggerstaff 08 July 2014

I rarely rate a poem a 10...This is an exception. Truly brilliant. The concept of chasing loves ghost while also chasing time seems complicated but you stated it perfectly and beautifully! ! !

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Kim Barney 09 April 2016

Extremely well written, Briony. Congratulations for having it selected as poem of the day!

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Kelly Kurt 09 April 2016

I agree with Kim. Finely written. Congrats

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Lyn Paul 09 April 2016

An excellent piece of work. I feel a deep understanding of your work. Thank You

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Unnikrishnan E S 24 May 2016

Hi Ms Nicholls, Yeah, death is the only truth. There is very famous song in Hindi, which reads like this: Life is the unfaithful lover; she will discard you one day. But death is the true lover. She will take you with her! Nice poem. Thanks for sharing. Do keep writing. Wish you long more fruitful and poetic life and all the health. May His benevolence be with you to find the lasting love!

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Tom Billsborough 09 April 2016

A very wise choice for Poem of the Day. A courageous poem, with some wonderful lines. I pray that you will be granted the time to find a lasting love. You deserve much for this brave and beautiful poem. I shall read your other poems tomorrow and that's a promise. Tom Billsborough

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Edward Kofi Louis 09 April 2016

Sorrows! ! Dying slowly. Thanks for sharing.

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Rajnish Manga 09 April 2016

A very thoughtful commentary on the nature of life where nothing can be taken for granted. But what to do, what to do? When there is so much of living left to live? A lasting love may still be found? A delusion

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M Asim Nehal 09 April 2016

Truly deserves the honour of the day...

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