.sex Scandal Poem by Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan

.sex Scandal

Rating: 3.4

Women expose breasts
seen in public jeeps
in wet-dry markets
not censored pornographic expose'
for humanitarian milk-feeding child
2 yrs. old and below...

Curved hips, shadow pelvic bones
painted butts, brushed by fine artists
a naked obscene exhibit
for sale for art sake...

Psychologists discuss erotica
orgasm and its glory, the sex educ
private parts hygiene
technical heterosexual shows
deem morally upright....

Commercial porno materials
kamasutra websites, queuing sex hopefuls
yoga postures lustful desire
youth surfing fantasy
dirty scandals, voyeurs cam to cam
in you-tube stealing romance
inside PC flat square face
legal only for 18 yrs. old and beyond
deem for educational purposes.....

Cable medias flash back
sex crimes in the city
gang rapes, incestuous infidelity
sexual-congress intercourse
pirated xxx DVD sets, playboy mags
TV sitcom airing green jokes bits
viewed 24/7 in public...

Shop at malls, display of sex toys
vibrators free to handle with care
flying tarps and billboard adz
of lewd endorser lass indecently
proposing clientele attempt
for product attentions, womanizing genre
consumer's bait and consumption...

Summer open beaches and in hotel diving pool
skin-toned, two-piece thin wear
exposing unshaven sneaky hair
not drawn to allure eyesight into
a polygamous instinct desire
not even censored as porno scene
even with innocent child at diving site abide....

How about the unintentional rape scenarios
inside disco club inferno
the touch by touch with consent or not
the skin to skin between opposites
dancing with fire and friction
commotion hot libido un-border
tightly close, crawling fingers caress with malice
strange flesh blushing -
an indirect sexual harassment
a crime should be against chastity
considering they are dancing without sensual-sweet
music played on air
sounds here justify felonious circumstances....

How's the kissing scene in conservative public park
the dating underneath trees, rolling down briefs and panties
the dilemmas of now surprising increase in number
of motels and cheap lodging inn in all corners
seducing short-time happy goers, illicit affairs
these are public crimes should be conclusively
it ruins minor innocent wants
corrupting children childish minds

now it is my turn, rate this porno revelation of mine
from A to GP to R-18 to x to XXX
and here it goes-

Lie down in bed darling sweet
eject transiently my shaft of your ownership
open literally adjacent femurs
hung up twin legs
lubricants sweeping down to gist
thru micro tube apparatus lens eager to
explore physiological world of womb
tracing from fallopian lips
and dirty stick not your dirty mind and tactics
injecting now featuring invisible fetus
through this scheduled ultrasound exam
fore played by delicate hand of your
respective OB-gynecologist

don't be scared, you're not under harassed
your so safe with my convenient arm
holding clinical result
preggy exam: negative
don't be dismayed, better luck next time for
another X-rating execution lab test

Good luck, sperm less guy who admit cleverly
that this is not at all the time
so better delet now your pornographic green mind
rate me please triple A, so critics circle won't censored
this expose'
as for adults story

inspired by FHM magazine, thanks to Major Nils Rojo, my friend and life consultant,
for sharing with me his treasured magz collection

Ency Bearis 29 April 2009

wonderful humorous concept...a clever write...bravo!

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Elvira Marchan 26 April 2009

Keep writing! ! ! ! ! .A good lesson to teach is seen in your poem....

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Mauta Peter 24 April 2009

fantastic.keep it up!

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Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan

Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan

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