Because Of You Poem by Christina Phan

Because Of You

Rating: 4.7

After all
We been through
I'm sorry
I never talk to you and wait too long
My chances are over because you move on
Because of you
I feel guilty
You were happy and smiling
Because of me
I wish I can go back to that day and make it right with you
To show you that I'm a different girl that you would have date, talk to you and give you a chance
I'm sorry
I hope you are doing ok
I wonder how your life is going
Now I play on safe side, so I don't get hurt
Because of you
I can't get back on my feet
How am I suppose to move on
I know that you are sad on inside
You probably think I was the one for you, but
Now it's too late because you are dating someone else
What is the point of even trying to get you back, prove to you that I won’t do it again, and
Give us one more chance to do it again
I think we are better off not dating
You need to trust me on this
I cause you a lot of pain already
Now it’s time to go our separate ways and no looking back
We need to forget the past and each other
Because of you
I can't be myself anymore
Because of you

~ Jon London ~ 25 June 2009

Christina, your hearts words are so touching...each line inked with your regret for this love....I hope he gets to read this...tenderly penned hearts share

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Suicidal Magic 25 June 2009

i can so relate to this pain...10+++++

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Chitra - 20 June 2009

a sad poem about pain and the hope of getting out of it.

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this is very touching... i like it..

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Lady Grace 16 June 2009

because of you, i never stay too far from the sidewalk..i remember a song..this is a good poem..nicely done..grace

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Aqeb Benazir 29 July 2011

amazing story and context! ! ! this would make a hit song; -) really nice flow! 10/10! ! congratz!

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Abdallah Gamal 23 July 2011

It's aweso0o0o0o0me, , ur way in telling us this story is really touching, , nice poem :)

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Sai Saketh 21 March 2010

Very Nice. Its like you are telling a story and i got so much involved in it. Sad it is though. Good.

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Christian Crisostomo 27 November 2009

this is great.. i can feel the sadness. keep on writing..

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Marieta Maglas 05 September 2009

nice abstract poem....touching................10+++

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