! Beginning To End... Poem by Dislocated Heart

! Beginning To End...

Rating: 2.7

We were born alone...
I believe.. We die alone..
but maybe... if we haven't quite found our soulmate by that time..
They die with us?

I heard..2 Loves, on opposite ends.. will be luck enough to meet..
and have everlasting love..

Do you believe?

Is anyone even loving enough now..
to marry, and love..
till the day they die..
and stay with them..
never moving on..
heart and soul theirs... just theirs..

I doubt it..
We fancy so many ppl its ridiculous..
Dating someone,
staring at another..

How has the world become?
I miss the simple days..
when I was young..
and thought ppl of all nature,
except my mom and dad.
had Cooties!
I mean... those were the good old days.

Running and chasing..
rolling in mud, without a care..
playing tag in the rain..
slip and fall, knowing someone is there to pull you up again.

Hot Girl! WOAH! ! !
lower area got a signal. lol
Where is the passion in love?

I'm in no rush..
I'm sure one day..
True love will find it's way to me..
if I havent already...

Shania K. Younce 18 March 2014

I might be young, but I agree with some of the things you say. A neat poem. Bien!

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Jinal Oswal 11 August 2011

That surely is a straight thought and a wonderful one :)

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Rachel Stoddard 07 December 2010

that's so deep, sorta sweet, pretty, and funny at the same time :)

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Kieran J96 06 November 2010

i totally agree also! this is definately a truthful yet meaningful poem.10!

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Adriana Ellis 29 November 2009

With this poem you speak the truth and i surely agree with everything your saying.

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