The Perfect Guy. Poem by love poems

The Perfect Guy.

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I dont want another boyfriend.
I hate this dating game.
I want someone who would treat me right,
And tell me im perfect in every way.
I want someone that cant live without me,
And says it everyday.
I want who understands me,
And kisses my pain away.
I want someone who would hold me and not let go,
Even if I try to run away.
I want someone who wont leave me,
If another comes his way.
I want someone who only see's me,
Who fears I'm going to go away.
I want someone I can call my own and who isnt always perfect but I think so anyways.
I want someone who sees my flaws and loves me for them.
I wanted that person to be you.
But I guess we just cant always get that guy.
I guess I just want,
The perfect guy.

Andrew Robertson 02 June 2010

This is pretty good. You missed a word up towards the top, probably 'someone'.. Sounds like a backwards version of me, to be perfectly honest.. I'm the perfect guy, and for theat reason, I get shunned... The girls in my life always want the bad boys who treat them like dirt constantly...still not sure why... Your poem brought back some memories! Thank you for sharing and definately keep up the great work! ! !

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Njeri Loise 06 January 2019

my goodness i love it

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Rebekah Hedquist 07 February 2013

I love this poem -Rebekah Hedquist

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Shaniah Webb 16 November 2011

shaniah lousie webb wow what a poem its accttually quite true (:

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junior frontilus 19 July 2010

your poem help me grow thank you for sharing, please keep writting because it means a lot to other people......

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The 4am Poet Worm 10 July 2010

a beautiful woman... a beautiful poem..

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