Romance Never Dies Poem by Lynn samantha

Romance Never Dies

Rating: 4.4

a boy and girl walking home from school one day.
girl-so what are we doing tonight
boy-i dont know want to watch a movie
girl-sure what are we going to watch?
boy-not sure yet ill think of something
girl-lets watch a romance.
boy-nooo thats boyfriend girlfriend junk.
gurl-(sighs) but umm well...
boy- what? whats rong.
girl-i was just hoping.
boy-what? (confused)
walks to front door
boy-umm oook well ill see you later.
girl- yeah' right cya (frowns) as she walks away
girl goes over boys house and rings the doorbell boy answers

boy-Wow You look GREAT' thought we where just watching a movie.
girl-we are i just thought i would dress up a little.
boy-lol what ever
boy and girl sits on couch.
girl- soo what are we going to watch-gets closer.
boy-idk-backs up.
girl and boy start watching a horror flick
girl-hides face in boys chest.
boy-(smiles) kisses girls head.
girl-smiles back.
girl and boy look into eachers eyes.
boy-moves closer
girl-moves closer
boy and girl start kissing

Boy-i have loved you for so long im glad were togeather.
Girl-i loved you to i mean i love you so much does this mean were dating
Boy-yes and im glad im dating you.
A yr later still dating boy girl get into a fight
Girl-i have to go im sorry please just understand we cant see eacher anymore
Boy-please tell me why did i do something rong?
Girl- no no please just let it be where it is im sorry i love you bye
week after that night
Boy goes over girls house theres a moving truck.
Boy walks up...girl carrying boxes
Boy-why cant we see eacher anymore and whats going on with the trucks
Girl-im moving.
Boy-i noticed
Boy- where you moving to
Girl-Florida ill call you when i get there and settled
Girl- im sorry I have to go (starts to sob/cry)
Guy just stands there and watches girl leave. as a tear rolls down his cheek
3 years later.
Girl in collage now.and has moved on with her life
Girl-hey Alexis what’s up I have to go to Jon’s room he wants to talk to me.
I think he wants to ask me out yay cant wait I have a total crush on him
Alexis - i know... butt hey I have something to tell you.
Alexis-ok do you remember when you moved about 3 years ago.
Girl- yeah (confused) why? ?
Alexis- remember Chris.
Girl- ummmmmyeah? ? ? ?
Alexis-he is kind of be hind you
Girl-looks behind her and sees a tall handsome man with long brown hair she smiles as she walks closer to her long lost friend.
Chris-I have waited so long to see you Jessica
Jessica- omg (starts to cry)
Chris-I missed you
Jessica- omg I missed you so much
Jessica (blushes) he’s just a friend
Chris-its cool so what are we doing to night? ?
Jessica- omg (blushes once more) smiles and says idk you want to watch a movie.
At the same time Jessica and chris said how bout a romance and they both laughed
Jessica and Chris are now on there 3year in collage and still dating
three years after collage jessica and chris get married and have a baby on the way and they both live happly ever after.

BEAU GOLDEN 19 June 2006

hmmm. Tragedy is much more fun in poetry, but hey, truth is art.

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Mary Nagy 16 November 2005

I always love a good love story. This is so lovely Samantha. Sincerely, mary

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