Crippled Dreams

I was rear, and by the window
She was front, and by the aisle
I saw her reflection
Her face was moonlit
overflowing with strings of black curtains
cascading deep and drooping down,
Twins of twinkling stars
revealed between thin strips of dark disappearing clouds as moist as ever
and ready to pour into downpours,
sprinkled with occasional flashes of lightning,

For He Was A Jolly Good Fellow

THEY CHEERED him from the wharf—it was a glorious day:
His hand went to his scarf—his thoughts were far away.
Oh, he was “Jolly Good”, they sang it long and loud—
The money lender stood unknown amongst the crowd.
He’d taken him aside, while trembling fit to fall,
No friendly eye espied the last farewell of all!

He held a peevish kid—another at his knee;
The wife whom he could bid farewell—eternally
Stood nagging at his side in tones that none could hear,

Not Just A Mom

My mom isn't just a mom at all
She's also something else
My mom isn't so quiet or shy
But she's proud and doesn't care what others say about her

My mom is like a friend who I will never forget
My mom is always there
Whether I'm sad, happy, lonely, or angry
She's always there, ready to listen
My mom always give me advices to overcome any problems

Humans Need A Hereafter.

Life would
If this is
the only
dear life

** 2009 Global Economic Melt Down

Who's afraid of economic melt down?
In this year's peak global crisis
the 3rd world prime commodities
the1st and 2nd world countries lifestyles'
costs are as neck price high.
World traders are just closed
Redundant employees force to resign
Supply and demand, inflation rates
abnormally trembling
Genius bankers are in state of great depression


I am a three legged chair placed
in a corner,
unwanted, handicapped and
unnoticed in an auditorium...

I hail from an ancient teak family,
well-known for our strength and quality.
Carpenter skilled had me carved
into a throne fit for a king.


Across the river
Along my way
Between home and school
There was an orphanage

Children used to frolic
There in sheer abandon
Of their parentless misfortune

Oath Of A Child

Herewith, I solemnly state and declare!
I will regard my father and mother!
I will respect and honor the elders!
I will do my best to help all others! !

I promise that I will speak the Truth!
I will make peaceful environment to sooth!
I will not hurt others with bad words!
Never harm anyone by guns or swords! !

Who Is Abled?

In this turbulent world
Where impurity is found even in 'Gold',
Everyone has some sort of deformity
Lurking within them - a latent disability!

But no one cares for the disabled
Other than shower pity on the handicapped
Advising to resign to their fate
And satisfy with what comes their way- love or hate....

Sure To Be Unsure!

Unsure of where to keep the next step
When both the feet are in swampy pit.
But sure enough to know.....
Any step moved forward will take her further deep down only
From where chances of survival seemingly very less.

Once her heart was strong enough to deal with any blows.
But today her hands and heart had been tied down with helplessness
But with a sense of farsightedness!

With Shining Feat

With shining feat
Tuesday,8th October 2018

The life is the cage
but you have to manage
life is full of suffering
but also stays with full offerings

if you think of the world
there are miseries untold


Inside me I feel alone,
The world still in motion.
People walking, but I’m the only one who has stopped.
I see me and I feel discussed.
I’m not what people want,
I’m as if handicapped, helpless.
I cry yet no one seems to care,
I try to fit in the worlds puzzle, but I seem too different to fit.
I look deep inside myself and there is pain,
New and old still there growing,

Masterminds Need Not Apply Episode Ix

Forrest V. Frankenstein Jr. did more than a Monster Mash,
He was drunk when he attempted to stab deputies using more than slash,
When Forrest was subdued and taken into a squad car,
Forrest bashed his forehead against the car door which eventually made a scar,
Forrest has a momento of this occasion-a Frankenstein monster gash.

Elizabeth Athenia Progris gave birth to a bag of Xanax,
This 'dancer-housewife', by the day she cared for her home,
by night she did undulating dance moves that would simulate sex acts,

*beyond Dimension

The level of my awareness drags open the subconscious out,
the sleepy dragon of instincts with fire and sharp claws,
I feel them foreign, an un intimate, unfriendly animated animal,
so I go surreal, the real is beyond the imagination, I see
five legs of an elephant, dancing trees, love sucks like a tick
honesty keeps changing like a freak, the snakes have legs
stones creep and crawl, fishes live on land, oceans are full of sand,
man with one leg and two tails, the glass of castle, reason, non transparent,

The Spider Mall

"As a spider projects forth and draws back (its threads) , as plants grow on earth, as hairs grow on the body, so does the universe emerge from the Imperishable Being."(Mundaka Upanishad 1.1.7)

The monstrous mall like a spider stood
spanning its eight legs to different sides.
I sat in the concourse, its nuclear head,
at the foot of a gigantic fount,
that gushed forth not knowing rest.

Lonely in the maddening crowd

The Star Of Australasia

We boast no more of our bloodless flag, that rose from a nation's slime;
Better a shred of a deep-dyed rag from the storms of the olden time.
From grander clouds in our `peaceful skies' than ever were there before
I tell you the Star of the South shall rise -- in the lurid clouds of war.
It ever must be while blood is warm and the sons of men increase;
For ever the nations rose in storm, to rot in a deadly peace.
There comes a point that we will not yield, no matter if right or wrong,

On With The Game

On a baseball team
after 45 years —
not even baseball, really,
its handicapped cousin,
slow-pitch softball,

does not come easy.
On the field, my body
still leans with each pitch,

A Matter Of Knack

Jock M'Pherson was a person who was boastful in conversin',
But respectable and ponderous and dignified withal!
Con M'Carty was a party who was something of a smarty,
And beside the big M'Pherson looked particularly small;
But Cornelius M'Carty, he was artful, after all!

When Cornelius M'Carty thought M'Pherson was his dart, he
Made a wager he could carry him a mile along the track;
Which, considering M'Pherson was a very weighty person,
Was a risky undertaking for M'Carty's little back.

Kill Bri / Do Not Kill Bri …. [end-Of-Life Decisions; Personal; Old Age; Medium Length; Serious! ]

Part One: Kill Bri

I’ve suffered the indignity …. to be born [unasked],
a naked, almost helpless, babe ……, you can be sure.
Now I’d just as soon be dead …. after 67 years of tasks,
but PLEASE don’t think I’m depressed and only need a “cure”!

Unfortunately I’m conflicted, or I’d do the job NOW, myself.
[I’m afflicted with good health, but not what I call wealth.]

Happy Birthday To You

In the back of my senile mind,
reclined in serenity, talking to myself
recalled a birthday celebration
some years ago, on a 30th September

With the fondling of tiny fingers of yours
We wrapped up some food in to packs
Handed them over by same hands
to a bunch of handicapped kids, like you