The Spider Mall Poem by Madathil Rajendran Nair

The Spider Mall

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"As a spider projects forth and draws back (its threads) , as plants grow on earth, as hairs grow on the body, so does the universe emerge from the Imperishable Being."(Mundaka Upanishad 1.1.7)

The monstrous mall like a spider stood
spanning its eight legs to different sides.
I sat in the concourse, its nuclear head,
at the foot of a gigantic fount,
that gushed forth not knowing rest.

Lonely in the maddening crowd
that surged up and down the weaver's legs.
Most were young, some middle-aged,
others senile, many handicapped,
some drove wheelchairs with looks distant,
then there were scampering, noisy tots,
babies on strollers, milk bottles in their hold,
all of them with unending wants.

The young and those in teens,
male and female holding hands
in utter bliss, some in hugs, arms around waists
of each other, eyes issuing joyous beams,
moved up and down like in a dream.

The aged ones with serious face,
some with cadaverous looks,
greedy after material needs,
perhaps worried they may cease
soon lest they fulfilled their wish.

Where did all of them originate
and where they vanished
at the end of my sight?
Before they were seen, did they exist?
Do they continue beyond my sight?

Who knows the truth!
May be it is all magic
that spiders always weave;
from their bodies the webs emanate
and back they are withdrawn at their will.

Am I lonely? Oh, that can't be,
a spider perhaps, webs are made
in my aloneness, the mall of life.
The world then roars as I breathe,
creatures up and down do stream
in my eight, nay, countless wings,
in frenetic haste without abate,
the spider mall just a spot in it.

This poem is an attempted take on the Upanishad quote mentioned in the beginning, which employs the spider's weaving of its web to explain that the intelligent cause and material cause of creation are one and the same Principle, thus obviating further scope for questions like who or what created the Universe and with what was creation done.Please don't misunderstand this explanation with the subjective idealism of the West as the existence of the material universe is not contested here but understood as not separate from the Creator Intelligence.
Valsa George 12 June 2018

Your highly philosophical writes are sometimes a little beyond an ordinary man's power of comprehension! Like the mysterious yarns that emanate from a spider's body and are withdrawn at will, we come mysteriously into this world and disappear mysterious! We do not know how all these happen! What I enjoyed more in your poem is the medley of the passing crowd!

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Thanks, Ma'am, for pausing to read and comment. Appreciate it.

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A brilliant poem that projects Upanishadic thoughts and ideas, portrayed through the spider's weaving of a web. I like the way the poem has unfolded with a monstrous mall and the spider spreading its legs in different directions.How from young to old, the poem carries us through a whole realm of creation with vivid imagery, is most effectively portrayed. A fabulous poem, Sir! 100

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Thanks, Ma'am.

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 10 June 2018

good philosophy but what is it then limited man's knowledge born out of it was this a single man's view and justification Death alone is the harbinger of peace when GOD alone accepts us piece by piece 'tis only A GOD who can so wish do read my Mom's Smiles if you wish

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Thanks. Man's knowledge is limited because he is deluded to think that he is limited. Death is not an experience like mango-eating where the eater remains to testify to the experience. Birth can also be analyzed away in a similar or slightly different manner as non-experience. You think you die because you see other bodies die. This is a profound subject that can't be explained in a comment. Will read your Mom's Smiles.

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Kelly Kurt 10 June 2018

A thoroughly enjoyable read!

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Thanks a lot, Kelly.

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