Chair Poem by Jaishree Nair


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I am a three legged chair placed
in a corner,
unwanted, handicapped and
unnoticed in an auditorium...

I hail from an ancient teak family,
well-known for our strength and quality.
Carpenter skilled had me carved
into a throne fit for a king.

Sleek and polished I had been; Handsome and elegant I had been;
A place of honour in holy ceremonies
Many wrestle to secure my seat honoured.

Brides bejeweled and pretty, grooms groomed and handsome,
All had temporarily used me, Nobody wanted me for their own

Watched scenes enacted, Eavesdropped on conspiracies many; Betrayal and treachery no less; Love and friendship no more.

Fits of fury; temper tantrums and disputes.
Promised bonds broken;
Broken promises bonded;
Trifles too do not pass me by...

Now I am frail and old,
Pitiful my condition to behold;
Time had eaten my entrails,
Lost my leg in a squabble.

Oh! my tale of woe;
Is there no one to hear me out,
Treatment I need drastically,
to regain my glory lost!

Unbearable the pain to suffer; Rashes on my body,
Joints loose and dislocated;
Wounds sore and infected.

I have many truths to reveal;
A boiling volcano - I am; tormented and neglected.
A silent witness to incidents many!

Madathil Rajendran Nair 07 March 2015

What a great chair you have written about, Jaishree! One that has witnessed the ups and downs of time. Don't lament chair - you are the eternal witness. The scenes are bound to change. But you are not. Take care Jaishree while you go with another 10.....

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Kee Thampi 08 March 2015

burning emotions into words Really poets are cursed to write with deep feel best fo rus to read

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Raymond Farrell 20 April 2015

You were kind enough to read some of my poetry and comment on it so I decided to look at what you have written and much of it is very good and this poem especially I find puts forth a great deal of wisdom.

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Akhtar Jawad 12 March 2015

A beautiful metaphoric poem, a lovely write..............

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Nabakishore Dash. 19 September 2021

Enjoyable poem.

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Wonderful creation, enjoyed reading, thanks a lot mam.

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Akhtar Jawad 10 November 2015

So it was the chair, at which rulers sat and it witnessed all their deeds and misdeeds, though democracy has broken one of its legs but still it has been witnessing the caricature of politicians.

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Phurpa Wangdi 29 August 2015

what a creative thought, nice to hear it.we don't think about small things which otherwise could make our life more beautiful. nice writing

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Bharati Nayak 16 June 2015

Life is like that.Time takes its toll on everybody.Nothing lasts for ever.One has to go through ups and downs.The riches and glories are all temporary. Life's philosophy is well captured in this beautiful poem.

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