** 2009 Global Economic Melt Down Poem by Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan

** 2009 Global Economic Melt Down

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Who's afraid of economic melt down?
In this year's peak global crisis
the 3rd world prime commodities
the1st and 2nd world countries lifestyles'
costs are as neck price high.
World traders are just closed
Redundant employees force to resign
Supply and demand, inflation rates
abnormally trembling
Genius bankers are in state of great depression
Real estate brokers, companies sinking in debts
Economists, stock holders. capitalists
bagging their head disperately
in stock market bell
ringing and blaming once-high-caliber intellect
seem now futile and inutile
in failing of putting precautionary measures
for this year economic handicapped

Cause suicides even by many middle classes
killing siblings, clans due to starvation
and family famine
strayed shooters, mental deprivation
affected by media news economic drought
nation's beggars, unemployment proliferates

Who's afraid of this tumultous economic crisis?
the rich? the middle class citizens?
the ballooning poor populations?
You? Me?
I? I don't think so that I am devastatingly hitted
I've been living in poverty ever since
immune enough to hear noise garage
against wages, LPG, gasoline increases
fare hike rates, howl of job seekers
food hunters, appalling scavengers and
other endless economic protests
and awful hunger strikers and all real
scenes of direct bloodless hit casualties
even before the rise of 2009
global economic recession

copyright @ rmd marchan

Jester's P 04 July 2009

Greetings of peace! Your poem is full of questions that of course different answers will be given coming from different people with their different way of looking the issue on economic break down. I would say your poem is a tool of presenting the message of “wake up” and “get up” and make a difference. Allow me to share with you my two poems as a piece of answer to your queries... please read “Dirty work” and “National agenda”. Like your style...keep the spirit and legacy of word's power to make a difference.

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Elvira Marchan 15 April 2009

Let's serve God above all...Peace begins with each self.

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Elvira Marchan 15 April 2009

All those melt down are written in the bible..Peace is with the Lord....by serving our felowmen...your poems help earth's hotness, troubles cool a little...Thanks! ! ! ! !

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Catrina Heart 15 April 2009

You have stated here all the facts of how the global economic crisis affected the people. Descriptive composition written in an awakening piece.......

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Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan

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