Truth Poem by Vanessa Castello


Rating: 3.6

Inside me I feel alone,
The world still in motion.
People walking, but I’m the only one who has stopped.
I see me and I feel discussed.
I’m not what people want,
I’m as if handicapped, helpless.
I cry yet no one seems to care,
I try to fit in the worlds puzzle, but I seem too different to fit.
I look deep inside myself and there is pain,
New and old still there growing,
Yet no one sees that part of my fairly tale life.
I want the life that these so called humans have,
But they just won’t allow me as myself.
I want to just jump out of this ugly body of mine,
And stop my pretend life and live my true soul.
Till I start moving in motion with the world,
I will curl up as I am now,

RoJa Mitchell 13 July 2005

this is real good to, i´m starting to think you have a gift, keep going ´coz you rock at writing

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Marozia Jones 18 May 2005

Very strange. Very sad and so full of truth. I like it.

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James Mills 18 May 2005

Write like this, my girl, and the truth of who you are, and what you are capable of, will come shining through. People are equipped only to scan the surface; our real selves (and their's to us) is out of sight. Regard yourself as who you FEEL you are, not the concept of you which others impose. This writing shows a talent and determination. Keep producing the goods and your esteem will rise like Summer sun - bringing smiles and warmth. Jimmy

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