Who Is Abled? Poem by Sheshu Babu

Who Is Abled?

In this turbulent world
Where impurity is found even in 'Gold',
Everyone has some sort of deformity
Lurking within them - a latent disability!

But no one cares for the disabled
Other than shower pity on the handicapped
Advising to resign to their fate
And satisfy with what comes their way- love or hate....

Despite development of technology
Improving accessibility and ' ecology'
Disabled stare at their 'physiology'
And failing depressive ' psychology'..

Though there is talk of positivity
Many individuals rising above their disability
Still large number of poor and marginalised
Remain with handicap into their body integrated....

The ritual of remembrance once a year
Will not solve perennial problem for ever
Until the person disabled
Forgets that s/ he is disabled...!

Monday, December 3, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: disability
Gajanan Mishra 03 December 2018

Rising above disability, good write

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Sheshu Babu 03 December 2018

We all expect better lives for disabled persons

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Sheshu Babu 03 December 2018

Only tall claims of improvement has no bearing on the ground..!

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Sheshu Babu 03 December 2018

Though nothing has changed, there is hope

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Sheshu Babu 03 December 2018

Fitting tributes of ' specially abled persons'!

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Victor brown 03 December 2018

Oh! Oh! Oh! Very very true!

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Victor brown 03 December 2018

Well written with great concern

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Sheshu babu 03 December 2018

Yes! ' s/ he should forget that they are disabled' only then, true emancipation would be complete...!

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Sheshu B 03 December 2018

Appreciate ur deep concerns

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Bruce ridley 03 December 2018

Glowing tributes to specially avled people

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