Death & Fame

When I die
I don't care what happens to my body
throw ashes in the air, scatter 'em in East River
bury an urn in Elizabeth New Jersey, B'nai Israel Cemetery
But l want a big funeral
St. Patrick's Cathedral, St. Mark's Church, the largest synagogue in
First, there's family, brother, nephews, spry aged Edith stepmother
96, Aunt Honey from old Newark,
Doctor Joel, cousin Mindy, brother Gene one eyed one ear'd, sister-

Thinking For Berky

In the late night listening from bed
I have joined the ambulance or the patrol
screaming toward some drama, the kind of end
that Berky must have some day, if she isn't dead.

The wildest of all, her father and mother cruel,
farming out there beyond the old stone quarry
where highschool lovers parked their lurching cars,
Berky learned to love in that dark school.

Its Just Highschool

Everyone goes through this
years of life that you'll miss
The time of your life to make friends
The time were goodbye means it ends

Im talking about highschool
were you're popular or uncool
you have your first times
even your first crimes

Belle Isle, 1949

We stripped in the first warm spring night
and ran down into the Detroit River
to baptize ourselves in the brine
of car parts, dead fish, stolen bicycles,
melted snow. I remember going under
hand in hand with a Polish highschool girl
I'd never seen before, and the cries
our breath made caught at the same time
on the cold, and rising through the layers
of darkness into the final moonless atmosphere

'Could I Love You More'

Could I love you more tomorrow
then I love you now today?
to feel the depth of my love for you
evertime you go away?

Those butterflies I feel
like the giddiness of a highschool child
All that fills my heart and mind of you
that brings my face an unexpected smile.

February 14-Your Birthday

The whisper of your name crossed the night
In a gentle breeze a reminder became mine-
O'er this star spangled galaxy of midnight
Long past decades O' time;
A spiritual union of love we were
So long in your arms O' gentle caress
Magical-mystical first love divine-
The Northern Lights claims you as best;
Golden in extent and all reason
From era's of love over spent


A great arena of induced fake profound
Where warriors plucked their stoned swords
From the graveyard of the blurred fortress
Monuments hanging on forsaken gates

They flew through deep below
With tamed feathers blowing horn
King's wisdom behind both ears
Eyes blinded by whispered pleas


Open your window,
you can see my childhood
waving naughty hands at you.

Open your palm,
you can see your highschool bangles
stained with my teenage blood.

open your book,
you will see eternal rose petals that

Looking Back

Looking back
At my past
Oh! my god
It has gone so fast

It seems like
The other day
We were in grade school
Learning our
123, s

Here I Sit

The days are getting colder.
Without a single hi.
My heart is freezing over.
Cause this is our goodbye.
I wish I could be over you.
And I'm sorry that I'm not.
'But around you I felt special.
Like I'd fallen and was caught. '


I have meet so many people..
Some of them become my friends..
some, it just not work out..
But here comes a girl..
I have meet her in elementary..
We were friends..
But not that close..
I have my own company..
She have her own..
Then, we pass highschool..


A universal word with just ONE meaning
We've all seen it before
First hand or someone else
And yet we WONT steel ourselves against it!
We see it coming
Why is that?
We BELIEVE that if we close our eyes
Count to ten

Bright As The Brightest Bright

Oh, you night- you poof up sirens,
Finally to uneasy capsizing bed you keep me from
Remembering to look at and worry
Over my face,
That I didn’t continue school- that this is my mausoleum
Of consternated chrysalis;
And I really like you, batwing cenotaph shuddered in the lake
Of your mascots:
All the teachers and students have come off of you now
Like water off a duck’s back, but you’re still up

Woke Up In Highschool

a new walk
a new scene
that i find myself in
with the prettier girls
and the tough-skinned

a new stride
to a whole new swagger
and a new person
im looking at in the mirror

'Remember Where You Come From'

I notice that you've made it to the top,
Successful beyond compare.
You don't come here to visit anymore,
We think you have stopped, and really don't care?

I know we live in run down homes,
And are clothes are not the best.
And we don't have a fancy car like yours,
And have to take the, boog-a-loo exspress.

While The Orchard Sings

I very much appreciate breathing in the shadowed
Real-estate of your distance:
All the cars seem to be buzzing upward satisfied in their
Air-conditioning, while I get quotes on house insurance:
I drive past golden lions to look at my yellow house sleeping like
A mariposa fat and sated, escaped from the zoo
Where I grew up as a little boy; and then I had to matriculate into
Highschool, and I had to see you- and it really busted me up:
Now I am a minor poet destitute from the red bricks of state university:

Friendship Changes...

I have searched for a long time..
I have experience stress and depression in finding a true friend..
then, one day, i have met two persons..
i thought, i have found a long time friend in them..
we shared memories for almost four years in highschool, ,
i thought our friendship is so strong, that no distance or even time can break..

But i've proven myself wrong..

Our distance was not that far, we even shared one school...

Khmer Rouge Regime

Not too long ago
The Khmer Rouge Regime arose
All the intellectual, religious, and foreigners fell

Do you wear glasses?
Are you educated?
Do you follow a religion?
Are you anything other than Cambodian?
If yes, you would be dead

Death Love

You tould me you would stay with me forever,
you told me that you'll wake up all days
to only tell me 'I love you',
and you said you didn't care that I ignored all this.

I regret,
I loved you all this time,
and you lied to me all this time...

The Memories Of The First Love

Highschool Days...

The memories of mine full of life
Like a roller coaster ride...

I remember the day I met my first love
The day he said 'Hi'
A special Hello I learned to see
How can love be so a mystery.....