Friendship Changes... Poem by kulit ...

Friendship Changes...

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I have searched for a long time..
I have experience stress and depression in finding a true friend..
then, one day, i have met two persons..
i thought, i have found a long time friend in them..
we shared memories for almost four years in highschool, ,
i thought our friendship is so strong, that no distance or even time can break..

But i've proven myself wrong..

Our distance was not that far, we even shared one school...
I understand we are busy in our studies..
but I will always have time for them no matter what..
But it seems that they don't have time for me..
I'm tired of having a friendship that is supposed to be built by 3 persons..
And yet it seems that seems that I'm the only one standing..
They have enjoy their lives even without me..
Maybe it's time for me to move on..
Accept the fact that we all change..
Accept the fact that friendship changes
and it is not strong enough to overcome the test of time and distance...


i hate when friendshios change because they always do but i love the poem 10 No Reason To Care

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Ted M 02 July 2009

You are liked till U are interesting and the Mystery is still there. Reinvent the wheel.

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Anders Lim 02 July 2009

i hate the fact that i agree with u

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