February 14-Your Birthday Poem by Theodora (Theo) Onken

February 14-Your Birthday

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The whisper of your name crossed the night
In a gentle breeze a reminder became mine-
O'er this star spangled galaxy of midnight
Long past decades O' time;
A spiritual union of love we were
So long in your arms O' gentle caress
Magical-mystical first love divine-
The Northern Lights claims you as best;
Golden in extent and all reason
From era's of love over spent
Comes this gentle whisper O' your name once again
Filled with desires O' longings intent;
You were my first love 'tis true
And beloved, you never really knew
Today, i am just a simple dreamer
With overwhelming memories O' you;
So far away-nestled in the Evergreen
Steeped in a Greek refined domain-
'Tis upon your roads of paved love O' forever
I am blessed in sweet loves-eternal flame;

Dedicated To My First Love: D. J. P.
Olympia, Washington
His birthday is February 14!
A Graduate Of Cleveland HighSchool
Seattle, Washington
Now living in the state capital of Washington

By, Theodora Onken

December 22,2011

Bella Hernandez 22 December 2011

Oh! thats beautiful! ! ! so much love is spoken and the memories of that love! feb.14. a beautiful day for me too... thats a day where my love and i became a couple :) i Absolutly enjoyed reading this magical poem! ! ! plz do keep it up ~Bella

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