Bright As The Brightest Bright Poem by Robert Rorabeck

Bright As The Brightest Bright

Oh, you night- you poof up sirens,
Finally to uneasy capsizing bed you keep me from
Remembering to look at and worry
Over my face,
That I didn’t continue school- that this is my mausoleum
Of consternated chrysalis;
And I really like you, batwing cenotaph shuddered in the lake
Of your mascots:
All the teachers and students have come off of you now
Like water off a duck’s back, but you’re still up
There counting in your zoos,
Like sitcom on so long it now has nothing to prove:
So many fans and harems and country boys with their
Electric guitars:
You shoot your mouth full of soap in the arcades of Catholic
Because you are so in Charge: and all of this has been a fable
For me that has casually rhymed,
I’ve forgotten the girls I’ve slept with, but for you I always
Turn out in rhyme:
And the cities, and the buildings of our species are like waves:
They are like copies of hallucinations:
They are the same of the sames; but this definition of love
I had to steal from myself,
As I would take you down and give you oral pleasure stolen
From your shelf:
I would do this for you and turn you out into the night, and plug you
With my flesh, and make your lightbulb as
Screaming and embarrassed down the hallways of our promised
Highschool as brighte as the brightest bright.

Robert Rorabeck

Robert Rorabeck

Berrien Springs
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