Here I Sit Poem by Silence Dogood

Here I Sit

The days are getting colder.
Without a single hi.
My heart is freezing over.
Cause this is our goodbye.
I wish I could be over you.
And I'm sorry that I'm not.
'But around you I felt special.
Like I'd fallen and was caught. '

And you always made me smile.
And dried all of my tears.
And now my world feels empty.
because your no longer here.

I just don't see whats good.
In a life without you.
Everyday is another bad day.
I have to get through.

I just don't seem to be happy.
When there's not an us anymore,
Though I still keep an eye out.
Hoping you knock on my door.

Because here I will be waiting.
For forever I don't know.
I just know that I'm not leaving.
For it's hard to let you go.

For you meant alot to me.
And I thought you felt the same.
But I guess fake feelings die.
While the real ones remain.

Because I really thought you liked me.
That of all I believed true.
But it was only for a while.
And now I'm left without you.

And every day I hurt.
Or feel nothing at all.
Because without a shoulder to lean on.
I fail to stand tall.

I'm crumbling downwards.
And falling apart.
Because with the words 'I'm sorry'
You broke my heart.

You broke it into pieces.
That won't fit back together.
'And you would say I love you
But added no forever'

So here I sit dreaming.
Of things you'll never say.
because all it takes is you.
To be the highlight of my day.

But broken things can't be fixed.
Even though I had tried.
And we say that it's now over.
Because all the love has died.

But I never wanted it to end.
Not in that particular way.
I wanted to try and make it work.
I wanted you to stay.

Because I knew that me and you.
Even if we werent ment to be.
Could have been a highschool romance.
'A god damn masterpiece'

But you left me and it's done.
You got over me and moved on.
And its here I sit waiting.
Wondering what went wrong?
The days are getting colder.
Without a single hi.
My heart is freezing over.
Cause this is our goodbye.

Katniss Everdeen 14 January 2010

I Love This. It Is So Emotional And Deep. It Made Me Cry X

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