Tears Poem by Shihabudheen K J


Rating: 4.1

Open your window,
you can see my childhood
waving naughty hands at you.

Open your palm,
you can see your highschool bangles
stained with my teenage blood.

open your book,
you will see eternal rose petals that
cried between our first kiss.

Open your room,
you will find valentine days
on all days of calendar.

Open your pain, you will know;
healing is not medicine but me.

Open your heart,
you will still feel the rhythm of my veins.

Open your eyes,
you will now realise the tears;
falling down your cheek are not yours,
but mine.

I beg you,
invite all but not me to your wedding.
Upon the mountain mist,
i will be praying for your wellbeing.

Neela Nath Das 29 May 2012

A sense of loss, the pang of separation above all the cloud of sadness are dominating this poem.Touched me much!

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Shahzia Batool 30 May 2012

sometimes tools of poetic trade offer no service after reading an innocent feeling expressed so beautifully....! ! !

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Mukta Sawant 01 June 2012

You have described each stage of life very nicely.

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Tiana Webb 05 June 2012

Wow, such a touching poem. I can feel your emotions as though they are my own. Tiana xx

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Wahab Abdul 10 June 2012

very touching poem, i love it...

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Scarlett Outlaw 03 December 2012

this is really, really, good! ! ! congratualtions...

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Smriti Sharma 02 December 2012

very touching poem..really.. Good job Shihabudheen..keep it up

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Heather Wilkins 31 October 2012

open your eyes you will now realize the tears falling down your cheek are not yours, but mine. sad and touching verse.

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Dr Sruthi Varma 18 September 2012

Awesomeee....heart touching too....

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Udaya R. Tennakoon 01 September 2012

very touching theme. most of us have this experience. thank you Shihabudheen

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