Death Love Poem by Jorge Arturo Valles Anguiano

Death Love

You tould me you would stay with me forever,
you told me that you'll wake up all days
to only tell me 'I love you',
and you said you didn't care that I ignored all this.

I regret,
I loved you all this time,
and you lied to me all this time...

I remember when I woke up
and checked my cellphone,
I didn't recieve the daily message,
I got scared.

You made me investigate about what happened,
first you started to not come to highschool,
then people started to forget about you.

I found someone that told me where you live,
I went to that directions that were given to me,
I knocked the door,
their parents opened the door,
they told me to enter.

We sat in the dining room,
it was full of silence...,
infront of me were the two parents,
the only ones that knew what is happening
or what happened...,
scared I asked on a sobbing way,
'Where... is your daughter...? '
they looked at me with the eyes full of tears,
they told me she dissapeared,
they told me that while coming to house
she dissapeared,
they said she wasn't allowed to go out of school
without their permission or from the school,
I thanked them and run out of that house.

Next day,
I asked a friend if she saw her that day,
he said he did,
he said he saw her really worried,
and sad,
then I remember I got to go before she came,
normally I was there in the hour of exit with her,
then I started crying...,
my friend was surprised,
but hugged me.

Now I tell myself,
'I hope I see her on another life,
another place,
in a better place,
on a safe one,
in a life where we both love,
and I didn't make this mistake...'

Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: death,imagination,love,sadness
Douglas Scotney 04 May 2016

she might still be out there

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Jorge Valles 04 May 2016

But anyways thank you for commenting, and I might be wrong.

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Jorge Valles 04 May 2016

Yes, but most likely when she gets useless, for those who kidnapped her, she'll get or killed, or abandoned with lots of addictions (and can again be kidnapped, but of course by other people not the same ones) , so it's pretty difficult (atleast in my opinion) to find her alive.

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