Rain (Hindi)


The rain is raining all around,
It falls on field and tree,
It rains on the umbrellas here,
And on the ships at sea.

Original poem by Robert Louis Stevenson
मूल कवि: रॅाबर्ट लुई स्टीवेंसन

** My Mother **

Do you know
what thou art to me?
Do u?
Not only the one
Who gave me birth
Thou art ineffable, Sunaina, O, Sunaina
The most beautiful eyes.
Thine eyes more resplendent than
The brightest sun on earth

Olive Branch - In Top 500

Hii’s, Hellos, Heys, sweet serenades,
Burn them, the cinerary will show
They have no meaning.

Am the effulgent sun, and u my Adonis ray,
Am the vesper moon, and you my matinal sway.
You my path, and I a pilgrim.
I walked in you, and discovered the path of heavens.
Now when truth prevails,
You show the door

Best Friend (In Hindi)

Aakhir tum kyu itne dil k paas ho,
Koi to vajah jarur hai, jo tum itne khas ho.

Mere dosto mein sabse pehle tumhara hi naam aata hai,
Rabb ki kasam humara pichle kai janmo se nata hai.

6th class mein rabb nae mujhe tujhse milaya tha,
Aur uss mulakat mein hi tujhe meri zindagika hissa banaya tha.

Vo waqt mein kaise bhul jau,

Rubaiyat (3)and As The Cock Crew / Omar Khayyam (Hindi)

Rubaiyat (3)And, as the cock crew....
Edward FitzGerald (31 March 1809 - 14 June 1883)

And, as the Cock crew, those who stood before
The Tavern shouted- 'Open then the Door!
You know how little while we have to stay,
And, once departed, may return no more.'

Hindi Translation by Rajnish Manga given below:

(013) My Baby Cousin (Lovely Zaara)

She looks straight into my brown eyes
And creeps so very near
She pulls my hair so very hard
That I say 'oh my dear! '
She crawls about and comes to me
And then she licks my face
Then she sits so quietly and
In her mouth is a lace
She makes noises when she drinks milk
She doesn’t like her food

Phenomenal Woman या 'सम्पूर्ण स्त्री' (Hindi)

मोहक महिलायें विस्मित हैं कि राज़ कहाँ है छिपा मेरा,
न तो मैं हूँ आकर्षक न फैशन मॉडल सी ही काया है
किंतु उन्हें जब बतलाना आरम्भ करूँ तो,
सब कहतीं मैं ही झूठी हूँ.
मैं कहती हूँ,
यह तो मेरे बाजुओं की पहुँच में है
और है मेरे नितम्बों के वलय में
मेरे कदमों और लम्बे डग में है,
मेरे होठों की गोलाई में है,
मैं हूँ एक स्त्री

! ! T A N I K A L A

Walang laya niya'ng ginugol ang kahapong pait ang hatol
Tanikala'ng nag-uugnay sa kabiyak ng kaluluwa ay naputol,
Huminto sa pagtakbo, ngatal na napaluhod, humagulgol
Ano ba'ng dusa ito, tanikala'ng ginamit, bakit kinalawang at napurol?

Kinaladkad ang tanikala, pilit kumawala
Subalit hindi mawari, bakit nakakabit, ang hirap lumaya,
Hinubad na ang lahat, iniwan pati ang pag-asa'ng ligaya
Ngunit sa tanikala'ng nakakabit ay sadya'ng mahirap ang paglaya.

Rubaiyat (1) Wake! For The Sun....Omar Khayyam (Hindi)

Rubaiyat (1)Wake! For The Sun....Omar Khayyam

Wake! For the Sun, who scatter'd into flight
The Stars before him from the Field of Night,
Drives Night along with them from Heav'n, and strikes
The Sultan's Turret with a Shaft of Light.

Hindi Translation by Rajnish Manga follows:

Birds 19 - Birdbrain

Once upon a time
there lived a pigeon
in the dense concrete jungle
of Bombay City.

It was family season again
she started to build her nest
on top of a rolled up chik
on the balcony of an apartment.


Some people are not having manners,
this I am always observing,
For example other day I find
I am needing soap
For ordinary washing myself purposes.
So I'm going to one small shop
nearby in my lane and I'm asking
for well-known brand soap.

That shopman he's giving me soap

My Mother In The Chariot

Watching a glorious sunset,
playful are the waves on my feet.
Gold, red, yellow rays
sucked me in delicate passion.

Their chariot of flames
flew down to me.
Flames around, all around
golden blue and red.
With gleaming eyes I saw.

Pyari Chidiya (Hindi)

Nanhi si woh chidiya thi
Barsaat mein bheeg rahi thi,
Udkar ped par baithi woh
Pani se bachne nikli woh,
Par fir bhi baarish mein doobi jaa rahi thi
Apne liye ghosla nahi dhundh paa rahi thi.

Dekhkar use bola mera Nanha Munna
Aa chidiya! Mere ghar aakar baithna,
Maano usne sun lee iski cheekhe

Ishara Ek/One Sign


En Barish ki boondo ko dekh,
Karte hai yeh bhi ishara ek,
Apne ghamo ko paani mein bahakar,
Aa bhula de beetey pal,
Apne ghamo se parey hokar,
Ess jeevan ko jile, chal!

En Balkhaati lehroon ko dekh,

निर्भया का ख़त (Hindi)

निर्भया का ख़त
(देशवासियों के नाम एक खुला ख़त)

देश भर ने अंत तक जो, साथ मेरा है दिया.
उसका हूँ आभार करती और, कहती शुक्रिया.

मृत्यु से पहले मिला जो दर्द, न कोई सहे,
घुट के जिनमें रह गये निर्दोष, मेरे कहकहे,
ज़िन्दगी में प्यार के दो-चार जो, सपने बुने,

! S I N A G

Sa papasikat na araw, ako ay nakatingin
Libo-libong kulay ang nakapinta sa panginoorin,
Kasabay ng pamamayagpag ng tandang, unti-unting tumambad sa paningin
Ang pagsabog ng kanyang liwanag, tuluyang ginapi ang dilim!

Ilang pagsikat na nga ba ng araw ang aking nasilayan?
Ilang usal ng panalangin na ba ang ibinulong sa kawalan?
Hinaing ng kaluluwang naghuhumiyaw ng buong katapatan
Punan nawa ng SINAG ang mapanglaw na liwanag!

Oh Great Poet Rajnish Manga

Oh Great Poet Rajnish Manga
I had never thought that you will visit me and you will visit to my poetic home,
But you are very kind,
You are honest and you are a talented poet.
We are proud of you.

You have read all of my Hindi poems,
You have rated full and
You have commented on these.
I love all of your valuable lines,

My Forty Thousand Comments

Glitter of Sun smiles for miles away,
As I have reviewed many, many poems,
It was difficult for old man like me,
But old age did not prevent the task,
I am competent or not time will tell,
But the historic moment is written!
I am a conscious component sent by God!

I had written a poem in memory
While I completed twenty thousand comments,

Our Beautiful Country

India is our beautiful country
Her presence is in South Asia,
Along with the neighbouring countries
She has peaceful relationship.

Indus Valley civilization signifies,
This modern name as India,
In the past the great emperor named
Bharata has ruled over this land
So, her another name is Bharat.

! Walang Paglagyang Agam-Agam

Batid ko, sa taghoy ng katahimikan mo
Bakas sa ihip ng hangin ang nakakunot na noo,
Samyo ng nagbabagang hangin ng AGAM-AGAM
Hindi mapigilang sakit ng di malamang pakiramdam.

Ipinako ang paningin sa palubog na araw
Malamlam na panginoorin, kulay ay mapanglaw,
Linlang ng AGAM-AGAM, paniniwala'y nauupos
Katulad ng malungkot na paglubog ng araw, liwanag ay nawala nang lubos!