My Mother In The Chariot Poem by Dr. Antony Theodore

My Mother In The Chariot

Rating: 4.8

Watching a glorious sunset,
playful are the waves on my feet.
Gold, red, yellow rays
sucked me in delicate passion.

Their chariot of flames
flew down to me.
Flames around, all around
golden blue and red.
With gleaming eyes I saw.

Seven white winged horses
flew into my presence at the shore.

I saw my mummy in the chariot,
smiling like the morning sun.

My eyes opened as sunflowers do.

With moonlit eyes
pouring blooms of bliss on me
she whispered softly.

In joy immeasurable
her voice melted.
In hugs and kisses
she murmured in my little ears.
‘You are my treasure, You are the apple of my eye’.

She adorned me with the stars,
blessed me with tenderness,
filled me with treasures divine.

I was blissful,
serene and desireless.

Singing a glorious hymn
pouring on me, her sweetest perfume,
she touched my life from the chariot.

The chariot flew away.

Every dusk,
and every night,
I look at the stars
and murmur:
Twinkling stars!
send my mummy again to me.

I sleep.
Tear drops linger on my lashes.

(It is a pleasant vision of my dearest Ma (in hindi language we call mother so lovingly Maaaaaaaa) .
i lost her when i was in the school. She had cancer and died at the age of 38. I yearn for her presence even now every day. it is a great loss i suffered and i will not be cured from the wounds that is created by her absence. When I see the sunset my heart raises itself to her chariot) .

My Mother In The Chariot
Friday, September 10, 2010
Topic(s) of this poem: mother and child
Terence George Craddock 11 September 2010

'I sleep. Tear drops linger on my lashes.' There is deep beauty and loss which never fades in the unending loss of your mother which still haunts across all these years of absence. Why does such loss never fade? Because 'She adorned me with the stars, blessed me with tenderness, filled me with treasures divine.' Such love such beauty never dies, a tribute from the heart, a testament of the soul.

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Savita Tyagi 27 November 2018

Tony it is such a beautiful poem. Even though your mother is physically absent a vision of her is so comforting. Specially thinking of her while looking at the beautiful sunset. She sitting in the chariot is watching over you day and night. Thank you so much for sharing.

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 25 November 2018

Tony, this is such an adorable poem that i can read it again and again. I have already commented on this poem earlier and am happy to be back again, to read it. Thank you Tony, for such a wonderful poem on your Mum. You are blessed by her always

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Chris Noir 23 November 2018

So distant, but also personal.Sad and hopeful. Life poured into verses. Gotta love your work, genuine emotion!

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Anzelyne Shideshe 23 November 2018

Beautiful poem makes me think of my mother in heaven.May she Rest In Peace.

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C F 03 March 2019

A heartfelt poem of longing for someone precious who has departed..... may you find comfort and solace in all the glorious sunsets yet to come even if they will never replace your lost Mom. Thanks for sharing a piece of yourself.

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M Asim Nehal 28 February 2019

Heartfelt poem, no words can describe the beauty of this poem. Mother is one and only in this world nothing can replace her. Loved this poem. Thanks for inviting me to read this wonderful poem. Beyond ratings.....

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Thomas Kane 10 February 2019

In joy immeasurable the idea of things not being measured simply because it is to great, is hard to capture. This love is so great and It hurts to know you were deprived of it in many ways. I am thankful you know where the source of that love comes from. Thank you very beautiful poem 10+

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Zywa Zywa 10 January 2019

Like Geeta I do believe that Ma is reading your poems, from the second you start writing them; she is connected; you can say: she is always reading your soul. I appraise life for giving us nature to communicate the essential things of our existence. I can agree with the vision, that this what sunsets are about.

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A very beautiful poem on your loving mother. The very thought of her fills in you immeasurable joy. Beautiful sunsets leave you to view the stars. Let one of hem be your mother pouring blooms of blessings on you. Dreams of mother arouse in us a novel energy. Thank you Tony for sharing such a marvelous piece....10

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