Pyari Chidiya (Hindi) Poem by Kavya .

Pyari Chidiya (Hindi)

Rating: 3.4

Nanhi si woh chidiya thi
Barsaat mein bheeg rahi thi,
Udkar ped par baithi woh
Pani se bachne nikli woh,
Par fir bhi baarish mein doobi jaa rahi thi
Apne liye ghosla nahi dhundh paa rahi thi.

Dekhkar use bola mera Nanha Munna
Aa chidiya! Mere ghar aakar baithna,
Maano usne sun lee iski cheekhe
Seedhe udhkar aa baithi woh mere ghar ke bagiche,
Khush hokar bajayi Munne ne taali
Darkar bechari ud gayi chidiya fir usi ped ke daali!

Translation (English) - A Lovely Bird!

A tiny sparrow came in our window pane
Fully drenched it was in the rain,
To avoid getting further wet
Flew it across and sat on the branch of a tree to get set,
But it was of little help though the tree was huge
And the poor bird could not find any better refuge!

This sight caught attention of my little son
Come, O sparrow! to my home, u will have trouble none,
Soon the sparrow flew and sat on our adjoining garden
As if it had heard the shreiks of my little one,
His joy knew no bounds and he started clapping happily,
The tiny bird got scared and back it flew to the same tree anxiously!

Me & my 1 1/2 year old son do bird watching every morning as it makes him happy n brings back cheers.
Geetha Jayakumar 07 August 2013

Beautiful poems...I loved reading your both poems.....Loved reading it Kavya. Waiting for more.

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Lorraine Colon 08 July 2013

Lovely poem, Kavya. Just mention birds and you have my attention. I have 3 feeders and 2 bird baths in my yard, and, needless to say, plenty of birds. I can't imagine my garden without them. Sometimes I feel like a child, delighting in the simple pleasures of nature.

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Ramesh Rai 27 June 2013

sabse pahale 10 marks phir kahunga ati sundr

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Shahzia Batool 30 June 2013

10 for Hindustani, and 10 for English version Kavya, you presented innocence and translated innocence our tradition juvenile poems or such light poems matter a lot, or aap ne iss rivayat ko boht acchhay se nibhaya he...naazuk nazam! ! !

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Valsa George 05 January 2015

Seeing the title in Hindi, I had not looked at this poem. Accidentally while checking to see if you have posted any new poems, I saw its English translation! A lovely poem with an unlaboured rhyme scheme! Yes, a small child cannot contain himself when it sees a bird at close quarters and his excited sounds did frighten the bird!

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Unnikrishnan E S 16 June 2016

And I forgot to mention: your translation to English is equally good.

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Unnikrishnan E S 16 June 2016

Hi Kavya, Beautiful poem. An ordinary anecdote translated into an extra ordinary poem. Congrats.

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Randhir Kaur 12 May 2016

Apki translation kamal ki hai..I really enjoyed it...very fresh... lovely...nicely penned..10.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 08 May 2016

Beautiful poem with equally beautiful translation. Thanks for sharing.10 points.

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M Asim Nehal 11 January 2016

Wah wah ati uttam...I really enjoyed it.thanks for sharing.

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