(013) My Baby Cousin (Lovely Zaara) Poem by Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

(013) My Baby Cousin (Lovely Zaara)

Rating: 3.3

She looks straight into my brown eyes
And creeps so very near
She pulls my hair so very hard
That I say 'oh my dear! '
She crawls about and comes to me
And then she licks my face
Then she sits so quietly and
In her mouth is a lace
She makes noises when she drinks milk
She doesn’t like her food
And when it comes to laughing
She is very very good
In Hindi we call this baby
Ek chamakta taara*
And the baby who we call that
is my cousin Zaara.

A shining star*

(she is one today.25/03/2007)

Cyclopseven R 05 January 2007

beautiful one, Risha.

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Mehmood Dabapu 07 January 2007

Wonderful write! I truly enjoyed reading this! Awesome job! ! !

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David Harris 27 January 2007

Risha, I wish I could have written like this at your age. It is beautiful. I think when you reach my age you will be very famous for writing wonderful things like this. Keep writing my young friend and I will come back often to read them. David

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Melvina Germain 01 February 2007

Another fabulous write by Risha. I enjoyed the read, it flows nicely, lovely rhyme and the content is wonderful. I'm sure your baby cousin brings you many happy moments. I hope I'm still hear to read some of your published poetry in years to come. You my dear, will be very famous one day, never put your pen away, keep on writing, as I've said before, I'll keep on reading.---Melvina---

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Aldo Kraas 01 February 2007

I enjoyed reading this little poem

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Liza Sudina 26 September 2015

great poem about Zara! nice rhyming, iambic rhythm! 10+++

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What a lovely, loving tribute to a beautiful baby girl named Zaara.

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Risha, Very wonderful poem! You got my vote,10! Keep up the great work! hugs and kisses, Cassy :)

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Someone Else 23 March 2007

much better control of tempo and rhyme and a seemingly higher comfort level with a story that is so familiar to you. Nicely done.

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 14 March 2007

A shinning star and a rising star of poetry... Risha well done 10...

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Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

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