Ishara Ek/One Sign Poem by .Pd. is here

Ishara Ek/One Sign

Rating: 3.4


En Barish ki boondo ko dekh,
Karte hai yeh bhi ishara ek,
Apne ghamo ko paani mein bahakar,
Aa bhula de beetey pal,
Apne ghamo se parey hokar,
Ess jeevan ko jile, chal!

En Balkhaati lehroon ko dekh,
Karti hai yeh bhi ishara ek,
Apne bhay ka kinara chodd kar,
Aa bann ja tu nidarr
Apne atma vishwaas se bhi
Ess Jeevan ki pareeksha mein paale naya starr.

En suraj ki kirno ko dekh,
Karte hai yeh bhi ishara ek,
Apne andhakar ko mitakar,
Aa dekh le ujala,
Apne ujale se bhi,
Ess sama ko ujjwal bana.

En Chamchamate taaron ko dekh,
Karte hai yeh bhi ishara ek,
Apne sapna ko sakaar kar,
Aa chuu le aasmaa,
Apne chamak se bhi,
Ess Sansaar ko tu aaj racha!

(05 March 2006)


Look at the raindrops
they are giving you a sign
let your sadness flow away with the rain
forget the past
move ahead from the sorrow
come live this life.

Look at these dancing waves
they're also hinting at you
to leave the shore of your fears
and to become fearless
and with your self-belief
come achieve new heights in this exam of life.

Look at the sun rays
they're telling you
to shun the darkness within you
and to see the bright light
and asking you to brighten this world
with your inner light.

Look at the twinkling stars
they're hinting you
to achieve your dreams
and to touch the sky
and asking you to decorate this world
with your shine.

(translated and re-submitted on 23 August 2006)

Nimal Dunuhinga 23 August 2006

Oh! what a beautiful poem is this? This will guide to see the life ahead. (it's more beautiful than Jab piyar ki shie se hotha hei!) . This can compare with Satyajit Rai's 'Apur'sTrilogy'.

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Nalini Hebbar 23 August 2006

preets...welcome back...the hindi poem is great and your translation is too is said that poems translated by someoneelse is never readable...sice you did it yourself it is

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Tranquil Ocean 23 August 2006

Is Lishakte chaand ko dekh Karte hai yeh bhi ishara ek, Apnee shaayari ki roshni se Roshan karega poore jahaan me! ! Bohat khoob....just correct the typo in your title...think it should be Ishara. And in the translation I would have written 'test of life' rather than exam of life...but its upto u. Love...TO

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Catastrophe King 27 August 2006

Preets.... I maybe late here to comment on this one... but I am happy atleast that I am there. This is very beautifully done, just flawless. You have taken such a smooth flight on the subject matter with your expressive words in both hindi and english - one wonders..... if we are anywhere nearby? ! ? ! You are very talented and do wish and pray that you never stop writing - which may have done many times in our lives..... Keep writing and do not bother recognition..... Quotes from Geeta: Karm kiye jaa; phal ki chinta mat karr.....

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Rajaram Ramachandran 28 August 2006

A good eye opener to those who are worried and go desperate in their lives.

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Sriharsh Sagi 20 July 2007

bilkkul sahi bole ki hindi poem sounds better.... vaise malum nahi tha ki yaha hindi poem bhi submit kar sakte hian.... to laga denge...

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Onida 12 November 2006

A very gr8 poem.I've tried several times writing in hindi but in vain. Zabardast kavita hai aapki, Zaroor mashoor ye hogi! ! With best regards, Nida Fathima

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Barbara James 21 September 2006

wonderful job. thank you. Barbara

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David Tanguay 11 September 2006

Tell me, in the Hindu language of poetry, do the words rhym in this poem?

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Moon Batchelder 06 September 2006

so nice of you to resubmit with translation... a very beautiful poem...i have been trying to learn hindi..but have so little examples...this is just beautiful

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