On Cross Roads

My mind says - Leave it and proceed!
My heart says - Stay and believe,
Is it a tug of war between mind and heart?

When life is on crossroads - intrigue and pursues.
This is too absurd and at times looks so surreal
although my mind is strong and filled with knowledge
Whereas, my heart is full of wisdom inspired by experiences

Logic is trying hard to defeat dreams

Songs Of The Singing Bird!

The unknown singing bird sang
Several songs for some years;
The songs of the singing bird
Soon created news and history!
All the life songs of the bird about
Nature and culture are literature now!

Knowledge and experience give wisdom
That gives a system of life to live;
This is called human culture.

Self-Portrait In A Convex Mirror

As Parmigianino did it, the right hand
Bigger than the head, thrust at the viewer
And swerving easily away, as though to protect
What it advertises. A few leaded panes, old beams,
Fur, pleated muslin, a coral ring run together
In a movement supporting the face, which swims
Toward and away like the hand
Except that it is in repose. It is what is
Sequestered. Vasari says, "Francesco one day set himself
To take his own portrait, looking at himself from that purpose

No To Violence

“Kill all those who are in our area”
“Spare not life even if they make pleas”
Innocents, old children and women
Not to be let off as this is good omen

Such nonsense utterance comes to take place
When ethnic cleansing and hatred replace
Peaceful atmosphere with dirty politics
No dead can be counted even with statistics

Good Bye

It is time to say good bye,
amidst small gathering and cry,
Soul to depart from body and fly,
No one knows where and why?

Always stayed among kith and kin
Struggled hard though not very keen
So much load on solder as it had always been
So many odds against but clear path seen

Stop Not These Tears…

do we have the right
to be called human
just because we know
how to conceal our nudity?

do we have the right
to be called human
just because we can
translate our gibberish
thoughts into meaningful(?) words?

Primer For Blacks

is a title,
is a preoccupation,
is a commitment Blacks
are to comprehend—
and in which you are
to perceive your Glory.

The conscious shout
of all that is white is

Dead Night

After days hard work it is dead night
Solutions not found and no insight
Day comes to an end with lots of internal fight
May be rest is essential and right

Tug of war in mind with complete fatigue
All planning for results with colleague
Still lot of worries when day is over
Finally I run for shelter and cover

$ Work $

Work is never easy
to do or accomplish

Yet many wish for it
As something very light
That don't need burden
In doing a work or two

Yet many wish for it
As a means to gain

You Will Not Rain

I know you will not rain
As you find in it no gain
All our efforts are in vain
Problems follow like in chain

We deserve no mercy and pity
Villages ruined and rushing towards city
No more means and loosing entity
Life at standstill and no more continuity

### Magnolia, O Magnolia!

Flowers he likes.
Powerful they are, make sense,
Amazing artwork,
Their beauties are wow! Hot, cool.

Knows he-
Deffodil - chivalry

An Ode To Poetess Rose Marie Juan Austin

Poetess Rose Marie Juan Austin
Is a beautiful Poetess,
Radiant, bright, attractive,
Like the delightful red Rose!

For Rose, ‘writing is a daunting
Solitary endeavour,
Yet, when words come alive,
They sing and dance before your very eyes.'

When Your Eyes Say- I Love You

When your eyes say- I love you
Cheers make a just bloomed the blossom beautiful……..Along with scents of this awe-inspiring creation spiriting me up…..I see, people surrounding me ascertain- I am touched by something wonderous….Oh! Luculent the fact exact…… I become nothing but an enchanting entity my dear!

When you transmit the pictograph- I LoVe YoU
A bright way of light between you and me make link…..Photons are devoted to rejoice on and on…….Colours are in motion….Oh what a restlessness! ......Am lost… Am stimulated…..Discover myself in the electromagnetic waves……..My beloved! You the awesome…Hence me become a bundle of photons…… I do nothing but emit light upon you that has reflected from you my dear..Longing for your loving touch endless….. I read your surprises even reducing my breathe!

‘live Together Wtth Ache’

esspeecee // 18.03.05.

Hey ache
Very much indeed! [1]

Fervid Desire Within

Rhyme on my heart
Feel the lines apart
Metrical at the start
Beautiful sensation will impart

Life is like a verse
Rhythm is not a curse
Intonations on me immerse
Within my art coerce

*the Cycle Of Day And Night*

When chirping of birds reaches my ear,
When the call of the caller
Does the heart tear,
When the rippling of the river do I hear,
I smile and thank Him
For the beautiful morning.

When the sun travels towards the west,
When evening bares her dark breast,
When fog descends on

The Night Wind

Have you ever heard the wind go "Yooooo"?
'T is a pitiful sound to hear!
It seems to chill you through and through
With a strange and speechless fear.
'T is the voice of the night that broods outside
When folk should be asleep,
And many and many's the time I've cried
To the darkness brooding far and wide
Over the land and the deep:
Whom do you want, O lonely night,

Dancing With Nature

Oh mother nature! I want to announce you
As benevolent 'Creator of my own existence '
Hence I wish to harmonise my each steps
With melodic flow of your infinite beauty.

I prefer to captivate beams of golden dawn
To ensure a new hope of meaningful life.
Watch how does white cloud greet the Sun
With cold shade of her lovely affection.

Good Teacher

Riding on the waves of sorrow and mirth
Traverses life of human if the sail is smooth.
Hurricanes n tornado with mountainous tides
No doubt to it capsize n it's doom they decide.

Every human being, being an unique boat
Sails in the ocean as destined since birth.
Joyous may be the sail or may it be tumultuous
Positive approach though makes it picturesque.

Is It Democracy

Is it Democracy

Is it democracy
When a ballot is sold for
A few hundred rupees
A free meal, or a bottle of country liquor?

Is it democracy
If after gaining free Government
For sixty-nine years