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Songs Of The Singing Bird!

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The unknown singing bird sang
Several songs for some years;
The songs of the singing bird
Soon created news and history!
All the life songs of the bird about
Nature and culture are literature now!

Knowledge and experience give wisdom
That gives a system of life to live;
This is called human culture.
For all, the beginning and the end
Are in Nature only and so it is
The friend, philosopher and guide
Not only to poets, scientists and artists
But also to the whole of mankind.

From first melody to last funeral song
All songs say only about human love!
In reality the more we love the dear one
The more the dear one goes far away!
The tragedy of loved one lives in mind
Ever plunging everyone in endless tears!

Love is the source of all creations in evolution
From blue green algae to man in the world!
Without love nothing can be created and
Great things worthwhile are achieved by men!
One such great thing is poetry of great poets
Absorbing heart, mind and soul of man ever!

What is poetry? Poetry is the magical expression,
Words of poet's heart echoing in the minds of men!
Building castle in the air and capturing in camera
Poetry does to produce the album of poetry book!
Collecting honey from flowers to build beehive
Poet bee weaves ideas together to compose poetry!

Arranging beautiful ideas focused on a subject
A great work of art poet creates in poetry with
Sound, sense, substance and seriousness in words!
Beautiful, sweet and light music of poetry absorbs
Heart, mind and soul to entertain and instruct with
Inspiring ideas to live a happy and prosperous life
With confidence, courage and endurance in the world!

Expressing experience of life in meaningful verse
Poet finds favour with everyone everywhere here!
Compressing many ideas in a nutshell, poet makes it
Possible to reveal Universal truths from trivialities;
Such a magical art in any other form of literature
It is not worth trying other than in poetry alone!

The all absorbing power of poetry is an invaluable art
That has royal reception everywhere in world literature.
Sweet songs of Nightingale, beautiful dance of peacock
And so on will be immortal and unforgettable in poetry!
So, the songs of the singing bird, whom we call a poet,
Will echo eternally in the hearts of men and world of art!

Ramesh T A 10 November 2017

Roxanne Lea Bubarry: Your poetry is awesome and you are a great poet and wonderful human being!

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Ramesh T a 11 November 2017

Thank you my friend for your great appreciation of my ability to write poetry!

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Ramesh T A 29 September 2016

Dear Ramesh, I just read your prize winning poem 'Songs...' It is such a powerful perspective. Keep up the great works, Howard

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Ramesh T A 19 February 2017

Thanks Mr. Howard! The songs of the singing bird as requested by all is continuing its songs ever!

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A sweet song that is such a pleasant and powerful perspective. Well done my friend!

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Mike Ssendikwanawa 03 November 2021

Thanks for this Poem Ramesh T A, it gives Clarity Of The Basis Of Great Achievements In Life And That's LOVE For What You Do!

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Ramesh T A 11 April 2021

Thank you Roxanne for noticing my prize winning poem, Songs of the Sinning Bird and your appreciation!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 04 March 2021

A poet makes it possible to reveal universal truth from trivialities... that is the power of a poets pen for which it is said pen is nighter than sword...a great composition!

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Ramesh T A 17 October 2020

We greet and congratulate great poet Ramesh T A Sir for achieving the world rank #227 on top 500 poets of the world on date 15 October 2020 and rank # 255 on date 16 October 2020 as per the World Poetry Database information published in Poem Hunter. May God bring grand success and fortune for him always! We are wishing him all the best! - Poet Kumarmani Mahakul

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Ramesh T A 08 October 2020

Comment on Human Dharma only can KeeFabulous poem, I agree with lovely Heike, there is a lot of power in these words " Keeps human existence go on friendship, love, joy and peace! " the overall is a great message to us all. Especially in these times where many feel lost and look to good direction and leadership, thanks for highlighting in such a good poem! p Human Existence go on Well Ever: - Fledgling Carla

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