Dead Night Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Dead Night

Rating: 4.8

After days hard work it is dead night
Solutions not found and no insight
Day comes to an end with lots of internal fight
May be rest is essential and right

Tug of war in mind with complete fatigue
All planning for results with colleague
Still lot of worries when day is over
Finally I run for shelter and cover

Stars and sky make no noise
Twinkle more and readily poise,
Calm nights and dead silence
Peace allover and no violence

Night brings relief and calm
No more assaults and no more harm
Tempo run high but welcome with greetings
You are among people with lots of meetings

though nights are more to be dreaded
Remember Him and guilt to be pleaded
Time to think and assess with mind cool,
Steps to be taken so that not to look fool.

Why nights are feared and create flutter?
Day’s sequences repeat and mind works faster
Night’s calm but late calls creates panic
Bad news always make you feel skeptic

Sick people take heavenly abode in night,
Life’s agony comes to an end after grim fight
It is called destiny and path right,
Even powerful may surrender fearing HIS might

Nights are welcome to seek meaningful refuge
Review of actions and nothing to confuse
Severance with defeatist views and more to infuse
With strong resolve in mind, crisis to defuse

Seeking solace for rightful path
Cooling of body after fresh bath
For a moment you are away and off the scene
Not to be heard and never to be seen

So nights are blessing in disguise,
Open the venue for smooth sail and cruise
With mind at rest and ready for test
Situation may prove fruitful and best

Reshma Punjabi 13 August 2009

u need rest in night....10

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Umesh Lalvani 15 August 2009

nights are for rest only....10

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Kashi Paul 15 August 2009

rest time after fatigue....10

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Ratna Patel 15 August 2009

they are for rest.....10

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Darshna Chopra 15 August 2009

supposed to bemade for the rest....10

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Pradip Pillai 07 November 2009

After days hard work it is dead night, Solutions not found and not insight, Day come to an end with lots of fight,

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Sachin Goswami 17 September 2009

Tug of war in mind with day’s fatigue, All planning for results with colleague, Still lot of worries when day is over,

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Edwina K 14 September 2009

Nights are dead sign but depict not black, Never it develops fatigue and crack, Birds at nest and human beings at home, Mind at rest and sound sleep on foam

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Hazem Al Jaber 12 September 2009

for every thing, , desired and rest... touched the heart till a core.. thx for sharing.. 10++ hazem al..

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K.v. Subbarao 08 September 2009

Stars and sky make no noise, Twinkle more and ready poise....10

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