An Ode To Poetess Rose Marie Juan Austin Poem by Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

An Ode To Poetess Rose Marie Juan Austin

Rating: 4.9

Poetess Rose Marie Juan Austin
Is a beautiful Poetess,
Radiant, bright, attractive,
Like the delightful red Rose!

For Rose, ‘writing is a daunting
Solitary endeavour,
Yet, when words come alive,
They sing and dance before your very eyes.'

For me, when I read Rose's poems,
I feel like singing and dancing too,
My hands formulating the ‘Mudras'
While my feet tapping with rhythmic beats.

Rose is gentle with her words,
Kind with her insightful comments,
Generous with her meaningful reviews,
A friendly comrade, to all her fellow poets.

‘Trickle of thoughts' a series of poems
That I follow meticulously with interest.
They are not mere poems of adornment alone,
But an outpour of profound thoughts, wisdom.

A learned lawyer who knows to write,
With measured words of refinement,
Yet, is firm in her convictions & laws of life,
Justice for the right and virtuous actions.

Born and brought up in Philippines,
She carries the humility and nobility
Of her native land - Laoag City
To her present residence in United states.

Dearest friend Rose,
It has been a pleasure knowing you,
And to read all your wonderful poems.
God bless you!

Ever your loving friend,

An Ode To Poetess Rose Marie Juan Austin
Wednesday, July 27, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: ode,tribute,friend,poetess
Sandra Feldman 27 July 2022

A beautiful worded painting, Of one of the best and kindest poetesses, I know. You, dear Geeta have captured, Rose's imma0culat and wonderful essence, better than anyone I know. Sich a generous delight. Tanks for the gorgeous, poetic so well deserved, flight!

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My dearest, Sandra, my poetic sister, thank you for all the inspiring and kind words but I don't deserve them all. You always inspire my pen with your courage and love for humanity.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 27 July 2022

ONE: This is a wonderful Ode to Mrs. Rose Marie Juan-Austin, a wonderful poetic friend on PoemHunter whom I know all too well, dear Dr. Geeta, a very nice portrait of her life,

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My dearest friend, Sylvia. I am always blessed with your presence on this site. When you are here, I just feel I am nearer to God Almighty. You always inspired me with your great faith in God Thank you for your kind words.

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 27 July 2022

Wonderful poem for a fellow poetess Bravo! ! ! !

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Chinedu Dike 01 January 2023

A wonderful tribute to a great soul.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 30 July 2022

5 Stars Top Score and to my Favourites. I DO HOPE these responses will stay and so both great poetesse can read these words coming from my inside heart

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Sylvia Frances Chan 30 July 2022

Rereading this magnificent Tribute for dearest Mrs. Rose Marie Juan-Austin is for me a true pleasure, this Great Trbute is a true wealth to treasure. Dr. Geeta, most beautiful and tender words for dearest Mrs. Rose Marie Juan Austin

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Sylvia Frances Chan 30 July 2022

TODAY is the 30 JULY already and this amazing Tribute is from 27 JULY, Wednesday, and it is now weekend again

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Sylvia Frances Chan 30 July 2022

I see here NONE of them all. First my 5 STARS TOP Score for this Great Trbute so beautifully created and loveliest embraced.

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