On Cross Roads Poem by M. Asim Nehal

On Cross Roads

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My mind says - Leave it and proceed!
My heart says - Stay and believe,
Is it a tug of war between mind and heart?

When life is on crossroads - intrigue and pursues.
This is too absurd and at times looks so surreal
although my mind is strong and filled with knowledge
Whereas, my heart is full of wisdom inspired by experiences

Logic is trying hard to defeat dreams
Soul is playing games with body.
This tug of war is making life so meaningful,
like uneven waves in normally a calm sea.

On Cross Roads
Sunday, October 4, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: road
Savita Tyagi 24 September 2020

Excellent poem. So well expressed. We are so often faced with this tug of war. As we move forward with life and circumstances change we are forced to make some hard decisions. Should we listen to logic or keep working towards our passions.......indecisiveness haunts us till end. Only a decision right or wong relieves us from this dilemma.

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Shreya Hacks 27 September 2020

I agree with your comments.

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Dr Antony Theodore 30 October 2020

My mind says - Leave it and proceed! My heart says - Stay and believe, Is it a tug of war between mind and heart? Very very expressive of the tug of war between the mind and heart that we all experience. thank you dear Asim. tony

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Wonderful comment, I endorse your views.

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Jiwaji Mithaji 16 October 2020

I have seen many crossroads in my life and what I feel is this poem gives me and inside out view of those Crossroads making mistake in decision making is very common and is acceptable if we learn and proceed further not to make or commit similar mistake again so wonderful poem dear

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Bill Cantrell 10 November 2023

Brilliant and intellectually coupled with elegance, very well penned sir

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Denis Mair 06 November 2023

Being tugged this way and that at the crossroads----this is the 'CROSS' on which all human beings must suffer, no matter what faith they believe in,

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Brian De-Costa 18 July 2023

Awesome poetry. The best of yours.

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Mystic Poet 12 July 2023

Choice is difficult to make. Poem is Good.

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Koffi Sossou 10 July 2023

It is a tough war and never will it end. The Id, Ego, and the Superego war.

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