My Beautiful Nieces

Cover your cleavage my nieces
For the fruits are not ripe for harvest
The world has changed-they get aroused at sight
The pedophiles eyes water with lust.
the gold rush is for the young

Cover your cleavage my nieces
Community parenting is no more
We lost the moral fabric
And when fruits are harvested early

When Spring Calls

I sit near the window,
The mountain in view,
The garden's so quiet,
Flowers are few,
For Winter's upon us,
Nature's asleep,
The Crocus are hiding,
Getting ready to leap.
Spring won't be long,
A time that I love,

New To The Nest - Lincoln Park Zoo

A happy hatching has occurred,
An Inca tern chick comes brand new.
The species, an endangered bird,
Can be seen at Lincoln Park Zoo.
When fully grown the bird will be
A sight with lots of dash and flash,
Sporting red beak and feet to see,
And Salvador Dali mustache.
Both parents, Mom and Dad, do share
In parenting their new offspring,

Take Me Back To Old Days

I long for the old days
Where we belonged to the society and the society belonged to all
I long for the old days where we smiled from the heart not from our teeth
I long for the days where communal activities brought us together as a society-no one felt alienated in a crowd

Take me back to the days of hearty laughs for heart conditions were less
Take me back to society parenting for family feud was less

" I Squished An Ant"...... [ Growing Up; Parenting; Death; Siblings; Fiction; Medium]

My dad, God bless him, some thought was weird,
and not because he chewed tobacco and ….. had a beard.
But unlike some dads who leave raising kids up to "Mom",
Dad parented gently, though he could be stern (while calm) .

One summer Sunday when I was four, I went outside to play.
[We had a fenced in yard, near San Francisco Bay.]
I had on brown shoes ……, which my dad had tied.
[I never could get the knots right, no matter how I tried! ]

(672) Personal Overview-Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Many years ago in the early 80’s, my life was about to encounter an abrupt change. I was happily enjoying all the things that were going on in my life at that time. My husband and I enjoying good times, everything seemed to be nicely falling into place. The money was coming in on a regular basis, the children were doing well in school, sickness was almost non-existent. I was preparing for a body-building competition, my health, I thought was
excellent. I worked very hard in the gym, was determined to win the competition of course.

(my Mother) Double-You-Eye-Gate

My mother was a staunch member of the Women's Institute in the village where she lived the last thirty-five years of her life. This poem is about an incident that took place at about the same time as the Watergate scandal in the United States.

She flicks the switch, the room is bugged.
She smiles to think the girls she’s hugged
will have a chance now to reveal
opinions that they would conceal.
She wonders (and she hopes and fears)
what secrets await her curious ears –
when she goes out to make the tea

The Sacrifice Of Me And Jesus

He said to the Ocean
'how deep your depths,
how many waves
each day crest? '

What mountains
what volcanoes
have you seen

New Things Turn Obsolete Very Soon....

Just like all other new things
they change over time, our hearts perish
nothing is as changeable as the world itself

first a sea of flowers, now a rotten flower stench
old people imprisoned and plugged in retirement homes
as a thank you for their perfect upbringing and the caring loving years

with new shoes we first walk in blisters
gather the right advice and wisdom through our dear parenting

The She In Me

She said wearily
'I am trapped
in the Chain of Desperation
trying to break free;
my mother passed it along
to me,
and her mother to her and on
down to me.

One destroyed soul

Passing Through

It's the laughter most I miss
and doing things in the sun.
I look in the mirror glass
and see a woman still young
loving, outgoing and fun.

Not ready to walk away from
looking for someone.
The ad said 'organized, goal-directed, person of heart
own my own home, love my son, reaching out,

A Father's Legacy

My Father's words are my legacy
He gave the pen of ardent writing.
The love for books and careful study,
And wealth of knowledge gained by reading.

The gift of painting self portraits
In oil and watercolor mediums
As artist he had various traits
That lingers now like sweet perfume.

Obituary: Common Sense

Obituary: Common Sense

Don't know who the Author is of this piece: but wanted to share it.

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old
he was since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape.

He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as knowing when to come in out of the rain, why the early bird gets the worm, why life isn't always fair, and how, on occasion, maybe it was my fault.

Sense Of Worth

Barely concealing emotion and tentative as
if mutely accusing me of complicity she
asked if I had seen her little dog. We’ve
known each other seven years; while she
displays at times an artifice beyond her age
I knew that this was tender-raw and real.

She explained unenthusiastically of the six
loose at home it was a tan and white Jack
Russel male, cheeky nature but disposed to

A Lesson Of Life (Listen)

(dedicated to Ms. Magdalena Kožená, a great mezzo-soprano)

listen to bees' playing
listen to rains' pouring
listen to dews' smiling
listen to bugs' dancing

listen to ants' walking
listen to eagles' flying
listen to roses' cheering

My Wealth

I may not be rich in wealth...
but I am wealthy in the richness of many young hearts

I may not be lucky to be gifted with life's comforts......
but I am comforted in my luck of the gift of a great many innocent minds......

I may not be endowed with the beauty of charm.......
but I am charmed by the beauty of my little angels.

I may not be perfect.......

Bad Parenting Is Habit Forming

They are the blind who see, they are the deaf who hear and the mute who speak
They are the disadvantaged, the disabled and the challenged
They feel everything but remain unsure of what it is they have touched
They seek God but find evil in practically everything he created
Living in the world they imbue themselves with deadly force
Thereby condoning the destruction of all living things through apathy
They are the dead and dying who hold no spiritual value outside of power
Masses of flesh on bone and with no substance of being yet still maintaining

August 2017's Showcase Of And For Poem Hunter Poets ….[a Selection By Bri Of Poems, Most Of Which Are Authored By P H Poets; Links To Their Poem Pages]

***Important information, ADDED August 7th 2017:

Readers of showcases, this August's showcase has been somewhat of a bother to me, for various reasons. I've had 'technical problems' maneuvering through the process of putting it together. Much of the trouble has to do with its length and my attempts to make it more user-friendly. PoemHunter does not always cooperate either. Now I am in the process of breaking the LONG showcase (over 40 poems, by over 40 poets) into FOUR PARTS: A, B, C, and D.

Irrelevant Thoughts

Nothing hurts me more than my own thoughts
Intelligentsias all over world have offered explanations and always sought
The adoption of whimsical ways to come out of jugglery
It is nothing but state of mind and simple misery

It is known fact that we have temporary refuge
The problems may be more but we make it to seem huge
The ups and down may make it more enterprising
As life it self may be thrilling and promising

Smoking And Drinking

Smoking and drinking is naturally unhealthy
It is not for the poor and even the wealthy
It is not for the young and even mature
Its not for anyone that's for sure
Its only for the people who no longer care
Its for people who wants some challenge and dare
Its only for people like me
Who are born wild and free
Its for the people who disregard what the doctors say
Its for the people who could afford to pay