When Spring Calls Poem by Jayne Louise Davies

When Spring Calls

Rating: 4.3

I sit near the window,
The mountain in view,
The garden's so quiet,
Flowers are few,
For Winter's upon us,
Nature's asleep,
The Crocus, are in hiding,
Getting ready to leap.
Spring won't be long,
A time that I love,
When the garden awakens,
Neath the blue sky above,
The birds are impatient,
To start building their nests,
Their parenting skills, ,
Will again be put to the test,
A Blackbird stands proud,
On the road of the shed,
He gives a loud call,
As I look ahead,
To bright sunny days,
And clear blue skies,
Can't wait, for these cold Winter months to pass by.

Jayne Louise Davies

Grammar Police 22 January 2022

Winter, crocus and blackbird should not be capitalized, except at the beginning of a sentence.

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David Wood 23 January 2022

Grammar should be correct in the format of a poem such as a Sonnet, Couplet or Haiku but within the poem poets are allowed to use ‘poetic licence' which includes grammar and spelling.

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Jayne Davies 22 January 2022

Thank you for bringing that to my attention??

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Grammar Police 22 January 2022

I'm SEATED near the window...

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Smoky Hoss 27 April 2022

Your poetry is so beautiful, and present. You put it all in such wonderful words as to place the entire poem right there in front of us, in our hands, in the reality of our hearts... simple put: your poetry is stunning, I truly love it.

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Jayne Davies 28 April 2022

Thank you so much for your kind comment.

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Esselebor Ebhojie 08 April 2022

Thoughts of wishing and waiting for the end of a season similar to a patient experience of living

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Rebecca Navarre 26 January 2022

Oh Wow! .. How wonderful! .. So beautifully painted! .. So beautifully expressed! .. Definite 5 Stars! ..+++++

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 24 January 2022

When spring calls, the nature looks up with tender eagerness, dancing in joy....Marvellous poem Jayne....10

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Chinedu Dike 24 January 2022

A beautiful poem with vivid imagery.....

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Jayne Louise Davies

Jayne Louise Davies

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