My Beautiful Nieces Poem by Rose Kanana

My Beautiful Nieces

Rating: 4.9

Cover your cleavage my nieces
For the fruits are not ripe for harvest
The world has changed-they get aroused at sight
The pedophiles eyes water with lust.
the gold rush is for the young

Cover your cleavage my nieces
Community parenting is no more
We lost the moral fabric
And when fruits are harvested early
They leave a tinge of regret.

Cover your cleavage my nieces
The climate change is real
Our age, ‘pneumonia' was found in the dictionary
Your age- it is a household term
The doctors of today are commercial.

Saturday, August 6, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: advice,care,exploitation,lust,premarital-sex
Zwelethu Siwaphiwe Shweni 07 August 2016

I this one could be read by all people and not end up on this site. No one would have written it better than you!

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Edward Kofi Louis 22 August 2016

Age, page! Cover your cleavage! Protect yourself in life. Nice advice. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek 02 September 2016

So touching. Great teaching. It is wisdom ] thank you for this positive feelings and advice.

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jackline mwinzi 07 August 2016

This is a life changer. It is what our young ones need to realize. You are doing a great service to the society and definitely many will benefit from this. Keep it up Rose.

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Rose Kanana 08 August 2016

Thanks Jacky we pray for the young ones to turn out well.

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Rajnish Manga 01 April 2017

The poem has a social message for young girls. It also comments on the weakening of moral values in the society as compared to the earlier times. Thanks.

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Aisha Masha 05 January 2017

This is good advice in the form of a poem to all our nieces!

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Nancy Majau 12 December 2016

Good message for the youth

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Phyllis Strong 27 November 2016

So true, hope all of the nieces take heed to the wisdom.

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Karen Kerubo 26 October 2016

Beautiful message from a wonderful auntie, may they be the best Rose.

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