Bad Parenting Is Habit Forming Poem by Ted Sheridan

Bad Parenting Is Habit Forming

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They are the blind who see, they are the deaf who hear and the mute who speak
They are the disadvantaged, the disabled and the challenged
They feel everything but remain unsure of what it is they have touched
They seek God but find evil in practically everything he created
Living in the world they imbue themselves with deadly force
Thereby condoning the destruction of all living things through apathy
They are the dead and dying who hold no spiritual value outside of power
Masses of flesh on bone and with no substance of being yet still maintaining
They have been given a supreme dominion over all creatures
Including those of artificial intelligence and chemical imbalance
They sing psalms in a need for relevance but their penitence is out of tune
Carrying big sticks they beat the world over the head with love and understanding
And then with club feet and iron hands they abuse the privileges of such authority
They are the forgotten statues standing in the unfrequented parks of unbiased truth
Covered with the defecation of generations who have since migrated for the winter
That is now upon us all…
They are the blind who see, they are the deaf who hear and the mute who speak
They are you and me who have given birth to the childless and barren canvases
Of poetic license



I needed lunch, so I came to you for food for thought. t x

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Theresa Moore 12 December 2007

Your poem is an eye opener. There is much truth in the contradictions you so skillfully portray. Well done.

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Jeannie Ann Clark 12 December 2007

Ted: These powerful words are very sad and many feel this way today. Do we have hope? It does not look like it, if we look around and see world conditions. But there is hope and I write it about it here if you would like to read my writing. Thank you. Jeannie

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