Life Just Knocks Me Down

Some days I feel that 'life' just knocks me down,
Those harsh words said, your sharpness and your frown,
Remembering these things, what is the answer - how
Can I shake off those hurting actions now,
With each one forever chipping at my soul,
Sending me deep into this consuming hole
That I have carved into my life, when you
Departed for some other avenue.

I face this question with each day I greet,

I'M Only Human

When we make mistakes and exclaim, 'I'm only human',
what are we trying to say?
What are we apologising for?
As humans, are we only just above the lowest form of animal,
on this planet.
Where's our intelligence, our pride, our self respect.
Why can't we see ourselves as perfect structures,
created by an inspired architect.
We should stand tall, be proud of what we are,
acknowledge our worth.

! ! A Happy Person

Storm blown ripples
line my weathered brow,
face a map of life’s journey,
of striving, disappointments
happiness and joy.

The winds of sorrow,
and displeasure have
left their mark on
my furrowed brow, but

To Frinton-On-Sea By Train - The Annual Pilgrimage,1910

When in the large compartment,
Everyone was seated.
And all the luggage loaded,
The family group completed.

Excitement as the train now
Leaves the local station.
Everyone perceiving
A feeling of elation.

A Sale Of Two Titties

In the heart of an old village setting
There stands an Antique dealers rooms
Full of rarest antiques brought for vetting
Plus two urns sold by Hilda May Coombs

Last valued in May, Nineteen thirty
Estimated at fifteen pound each
The value-er thought they were ‘dirty’
Uncertain what price range they’d reach

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Butterfly Goes To School(Haiku Sequence)

Butterfly in class
learns lessons along with kids.
Excellent student.


Butterfly in class
chats & flits around her head
reading her haiku.

We All Must Drink The Water Of Life

Neutrality is the balance
between bad and good
life is water...
a balance between good and bad,
we all must drink the water of life!

Depth from depth
..the pain
length from length
..the struggle

All In All

When I reach there,
I smell sweet fragrance
In the atmosphere,
Soon I realise
Your presence there,
This great realisation easily carries me
Towards the beautiful objects of nature
Known or unknown,
Seen or unseen,
I begin to soar high,

! ! Oneness

Our walk to discovery
was blessed, with a
silence wrapped in
music, the songs,
the tunes of birds, and
the rustle of the leaves.

Looking up we see
motionless, unmoving
small white wispy clouds

Seeking Solace In Poetry

Never realised that writing poetry
Could be so fulfilling;
All you need-a pen and paper
To vent out emotions overflowing.

Serenity and tranquility!
Like a dessert after a spicy meal;
And comments add flavour delicious-
In this World of Letters precious.

The Virtual Friends!

With my feet dragging
Walking down the street of memories
Each moment spent with my friends
Scrolled before my eyes
The time spent together
The time we all laughed at those silly jokes
The time we cried in each others pain
Those sweet n sour emotions
Which we together cherished
That strong soul connection


1. Lo, my son,
This is India's map.
These drained lines flowing out
Like frantic cries of impotence
Are rivers sans progeny
Behold, my son,The shaven headed saffron mounds,
The routes of civilization
That has forgotten its footsteps,
The amorous urban ‘Yakshis'
Wreathed in smiles to entrap you,

Wings Of Death

Waving she stood on the threshold,
her husband and children on the road,
her elder to competition quiz,
blessed her with a smile whiz.

She entered the house silent,
Long hours to wrestle giant-
before their return expected
A nap before the chores selected.

# A Gift You Give Yourself....

Becomes easy,

Once we realise
Its a waste of energy...

The realisation
Of our own imperfection,

Leads to transformation


Hers was a lonely, shadowed lot;
Or so the unperceiving thought,
Who looked no deeper than her face,
Devoid of chiselled lines of grace –
No farther than her humble grate,
And wondered how she bore her fate.

Yet she was neither lone nor sad;
So much of love her spirit had,
She found an ever-flowing spring


As I took rest
With the soothing cool breeze
Blowing around,
Feeling the dry yellow leaves
All over me
Covering the dust,
I saw you walking down,
Slowly, with closed eyes,
Full of grace as always,
Towards me with hands full,

Yudhishthira's Ashwamedham 01

(1) Abhimanyu

After the Great War of Kurukshetra
Was won by the Pandavas,
The righteous Yudhisthira
Ascended the throne of Indraprastha.

Pandavas tried to relegate to the past
The harsh memories of friends, allies
Kith and kin killed in the war

A Moment Of Self Realisation


It was a moment of defeat,
A fall from all expectations.
It was a dip in the Jibralters,
A moment of self-realisation.

It was a moment of tears,
A sigh unto the passing winds.

Gloom Descends On My Heart!

Lonely painful nights
Bringing fears and frights
Not finding you near me
Breaks me apart slowly
As tear roll down
My senses drown
Gloom descends on my heart
I cant ever see a fresh start
A fog of depression around
Pushing me lower to the ground

' Total Freedom '

Read the philosophical question: Does something exist
if nobody is experiencing it - a Walkman playing when
nobody with earplugs is listening, illustrates it is com-
pletely irrelevant to wonder whether something exists
if it is not experienced by us

I am totally happy to believe that a superconsciousness
experiences everything real and imaginary - therefore
infinity means all possibilities, probable & improbable,
can and does exist in this and all alternative universes