Wings Of Death Poem by Jaishree Nair

Wings Of Death

Rating: 4.3

Waving she stood on the threshold,
her husband and children on the road,
her elder to competition quiz,
blessed her with a smile whiz.

She entered the house silent,
Long hours to wrestle giant-
before their return expected
A nap before the chores selected.

She lay on the sofa refined,
reflection breezed through her mind-
happiness and contentment she felt-
her life settled and secure-she dwelt

Her two daughters sweet,
scores good in academics neat,
extra curricular activities keen,
hubby-chair person of a company esteem.

A sigh of contentment surged
relaxed and joyful merged,
closed her eyes light
went into a slumber right.

Evening returned her family dear,
rang the bell and waited near,
silence unusual -deathly still,
their hearts clutched in fear chill.

Forced open the door,
sleeping like an angel -they swore
realisation dawned-turned to stone
he sat; in agony tearing his own.

Helpless and bleeding inside,
His heart -prised away all too soon;
'My thirst for your love is not quenched;
many things left unsaid between us'

His lament was heart rending;
Others wrung their hands in despair unending;
The young ones bewildered when confronted-
with the ultimate doom of all life too soon!

They embraced their mama dear-
'your wish fulfilled'-the elder screamed;
The winner trophy she had secured,
for her mom she had procured.

But alas! ! mama lay cold;
could not rejoice in her victory bold,
The trophy tarnished lay unnoticed,
Silent witness to the tragedy focused.

Akhtar Jawad 26 March 2015

Only a lovely mother can write such a heart touching poem! ....................10

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Swapna Fernandez 24 March 2015

So sad..... Good write.....

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Mallika Achuthan Menon 08 April 2015

So touching...nice write..

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Soumita Sarkar 07 May 2015

Death is silent......a magic n tragic end to an eventful innings...good.

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Dr Antony Theodore 23 August 2015

But alas! ! mama lay cold; could not rejoice in her victory bold, The trophy tarnished lay unnoticed, Silent witness to the tragedy focused. lying in peaceful rest.. you should be a very loving person to write this. thank you.

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Denis Mair 24 March 2023

As a middle school English teacher, perhaps the poet has long been familiar with stories in which half a lifetime is compressed into a single dream. So perhaps this poem reflects her vocation.

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Denis Mair 24 March 2023

It reminds of Washinton Irving's Story, the way decades are condensed into a single dream, but instead of awakening in a different era as Rip van Winkle did, she enters eternal slumber,

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Denis Mair 24 March 2023

This poem chillingly compresses several decades into a woman's afternoon nap. In a proud reverie she watches her children thrive; she cherishes the blessings of marriage, Then life's dream reaches its natural conclusion. Instead of waking, she has come to the end of her days.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 10 September 2021

A poignant piece of poetry! I feel it but can't express my feelings.

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Bijoy B Menon 28 November 2015

Wonderful Poem..lot of content!! Keep writing...!

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