I'M Only Human Poem by Ernestine Northover

I'M Only Human

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When we make mistakes and exclaim, 'I'm only human',
what are we trying to say?
What are we apologising for?
As humans, are we only just above the lowest form of animal,
on this planet.
Where's our intelligence, our pride, our self respect.
Why can't we see ourselves as perfect structures,
created by an inspired architect.
We should stand tall, be proud of what we are,
acknowledge our worth.
Why is it that when we falter, lose confidence,
become unsure,
we can't help saying, 'I'm only human'.
It's a sad realisation to arrive at,
don't you think?
But then again, 'we are only human'!

© Ernestine Northover

Paula Teo 04 December 2005

i love this comment i can relate to it a little...but still it is wonderful peace out paula aka vampire selia

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Andrew Blakemore 14 May 2008

A nice piece about man's ultimate failings. Well written work. Love Andrew x

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Brian Dorn 11 May 2006

Ernestine, yes, the ultimate all useful cop-out, ... overly used but sometimes legit. Great write! ! Brian

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Duncan Wyllie 01 April 2006

We are not only anything as everything matters.Love Duncan

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Shannon Chapel 09 December 2005

Ernestine, Unfortunatley in my experiences when people say 'I'm only human' it's an excuse for them to behave badly. Set your standards low and you won't be disappointed, no? Good job. I liked this one. Shannon

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Uriah Hamilton 05 December 2005

You're right, we should embrace a god-like view of the human.

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