Seeking Solace In Poetry Poem by Jaishree Nair

Seeking Solace In Poetry

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Never realised that writing poetry
Could be so fulfilling;
All you need-a pen and paper
To vent out emotions overflowing.

Serenity and tranquility!
Like a dessert after a spicy meal;
And comments add flavour delicious-
In this World of Letters precious.

Disclosure and interchange;
Criticism or appreciation;
by the wielders of pen...
All enough to boost one's morale.

Write like you have never written before;
Write like there is no tomorrow;
'Cause who knows whats in store-
There may never be a morrow.

Atrocities, conflicts, corruption -insane;
Malpractice, political vengeance, religious disputes -insane;
To spit venom vile;
Harming oneself in the while

The ultimate end of all life;
No escape from that doom ordained,
Why leave behind hate and misery-
When we have time to love and enjoy.

Realisation dawns late,
Stop before too late!
Birth and death is destined-
In between is the time to live and let live.

All should try a hand at poetry;
It purifies your soul,
Stale breath exhaled;
Fresh ones inhaled;
Pent up emotions let out;
The chain of bondage broken.

Free like a flying bird
Up in the air on cloud nine;
There are no constricts and constraints here
Just the freedom to share

And let the world know
Your thoughts, and visions rare,
And create an identity-
The real YOU, you and only you

Valsa George 28 March 2015

In a world that spits venom, poetry is a real solace! But unfortunately only a few realize that! Poem hunter is a great forum for like minded people to congregate and share their thoughts and fancies! Your enthusiasm as a poet is well expressed in these lines! Enjoyed!

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Akhtar Jawad 29 June 2015

A poet is born, but sometimes he doesn't know that he is a poet. Once he starts writing poems he is amazed to note that he can write poems....................10

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Swapna Fernandez 16 March 2015

Now all the time you are writing poems..... Keep writing dear.....

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Della Perry 05 September 2015

How true, I always say, Poetry saved my life xx somewhere to hide when they were all unkind xx

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Dr Antony Theodore 27 October 2015

Write like you have never written before; Write like there is no tomorrow....These words touched me very much. i have not grown to that level of involving in writing. i think i should grow into it. thank you dear Poetess. tony

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Dr Dillip K Swain 08 September 2021

You have left for your readers a plenty of substances through this beautiful poem

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Dr Dillip K Swain 08 September 2021

You have brilliantly expressed the psyche of poetry...

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Nice one.. beautifully done.. clear...10 Poetry is everywhere In nature In birds and animals And in nice individuals too Hasmukh Mehta

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Mahtab Bangalee 10 July 2019

poetry the treasure of pleasure poetry the key of the happy poetry the kingdom of the smiling scene of born poetry is poetry the creation of consolation..............///

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JDB POETRY 23 April 2019

I really identify! You made me nearly cry!

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