Realisation Poem by Indranil Bhaduri


Rating: 5.0

As I took rest
With the soothing cool breeze
Blowing around,
Feeling the dry yellow leaves
All over me
Covering the dust,
I saw you walking down,
Slowly, with closed eyes,
Full of grace as always,
Towards me with hands full,
Carrying a lighted half candle
And a wreath of flowers white.
I smiled being ecstatic,
Feeling your soft hairs,
As you stood again in front
Of the memorial stone,
After a year passed by,
With deep tears rolling down
From your moist eyes.
I cried hard, I tried hard
To wipe it out as I used to then,
But felt the intense pain
As it was all in vain,
And thus realised again,
That I was a dead man,
Who is there to remain,
Silent forever.

Copyright © 2012 Indranil Bhaduri

Supriya Prathapan 27 October 2012

A very touching poet. A dead man thinking about the loved one he has left behind.

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Supriya Prathapan 27 October 2012

A very touching poet. A dead man thinking about the loved one he has left behind.

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Just like the Shakespearean hero who is no more is stronger than the alive one the entity of the dead man is quite remarkable here. At the same time the poem reminds one of P.B.Shelley who wrote ' ADONOIS lamenting over the demise of John Keats. Excellent imagery clothed in superb lines too dear poet.

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Hazel Durham 27 October 2012

This is great, so original, poignant with such raw honesty. Brilliant write! !

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Hemraj Koirala 28 October 2012

The poem solicits that lover may die but not the love. Love makes a cadaver alive. Unconditional love live in heaven earth and Netherworld. Dear poet you might have realized that you are dead and cold and remain silent but the message remains alive and fresh which is revitalizing the all the cadaver died because of starvation of love and making them fell and immerse into their love. Come let us colonize more colony of such immortal love so that even a cadaver may fell that his love is immortal Who is blessed with love he is immortal.

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Kaila George 11 January 2013

ohh from the ghost perspective so wonderful I loved it...sad and had me crying.

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Ancita Michael 12 November 2012

very touching. i liked it a lot.

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Poetheart Morgan 10 November 2012

Your love is your inseparable feelings on this poem! ! ! It can it can save you and heal you! ! ! Beautiful

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Aung Si 10 November 2012

Good job! inspired writing.loved it!

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Rupika Alekhya 08 November 2012

Love lives forever. Death s not at all the end..

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