! ! Oneness Poem by Bob Blackwell

! ! Oneness

Rating: 4.1

Our walk to discovery
was blessed, with a
silence wrapped in
music, the songs,
the tunes of birds, and
the rustle of the leaves.

Looking up we see
motionless, unmoving
small white wispy clouds
tinged orange, brushed
by some unseen artist in the sky,

A rising filtered sun,
casts soft merging
shadows, and gives
a morning light, that
warms, comforts, settles,
opens, mind and soul

As we walk a probability,
an expectation for the
unfolding mystery
of dawns first light
comes over us, after all
we are looking for
a very special place.

We amble, moving slowly,
searching, looking, so we
can discover hidden
places, spaces, answers,
solutions, to the worlds
of mystery in our minds.

Then the melody stops,
Natures Orchestra quietens.
Now under the lovely painted sky,
the rising warming sun, comes
a hush, a stillness, a Golden Silence,
and a realisation that in our own
true Selves we are truly one.


C. P. Sharma 12 December 2008

Profound in thought, rich in imagery attaining poetic heights in its rhytm and flow. Perhaps, the mind, with the rising sun, affront with the diversity starts its game of combination and permutation and tired of it, with the setting sun gets rid of illusion, finds relief in its oneness for rest and peace. CP

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Sarah Sisson 13 December 2008

what an outstanding display of color! Excellent discriptions!

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Mimi Fakhira 27 December 2008

A wonderful imagery of the world through the eyes of a poet. I love the way you describe the beauty of the world with such imaginative words! Very nice. I hope it will get to the Top 500 Poems!

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Sandra Fowler 04 January 2009

I have often felt this oneness with every living thing. A beautiful tribute to the dawn. You are a wonderful word painter. Always your friend, Sandra

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Pablo Cruise 15 March 2009

Striking imagery, Bob.

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A truly beautiful poem and you took me on a journey of your discovery that unfolded nature and the oneness of of life on this planet. We are all part of a whole, part of each other, and nature. Yet some humans treat nature with cruelty and they are defying the reason for their existence, to be at one and love each other, and do unto others as we would do unto ourselves. I felt the magic in the air and heard the songs in your poem, which is such a spiritually uplifting piece of work. 10 love Karin

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Rachel Butler 22 September 2009

We amble, moving slowly, searching, looking, so we can discover hidden places, spaces, answers, solutions, to the worlds of mystery in our minds. Rachel Ann Butler

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Raj Nandy 06 August 2009

The last stanza gives a marvellous conclusion to this poem! 10+ Today I was hearing about -'The String Theory', - a 10 mins video clip, which uphold this 'Oneness'! It says the entire cosmic fabric is the result of vibration of nano strings, which create and re-creates all things! And God is the master conductor controlling this cosmic orchestra! I will be writing on this, one of these days! Your 'Oneness' is a cosmic reality, - Brian Green says! ! ! ! -Raj Nandy

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Ritty Patnaik 23 July 2009

ONENESS spills out unknown joy of the heart, which merges with the spirit of nature, in quiet transedence, in the midst of everything.really enjoyed reading this lovely work.thanks for sharing!

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rago rago 08 July 2009

I am gifted to read the oneness........ the poem touches more horizons and towards enlightment...... the writing shows the fond of write with nature........great write........

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