We All Must Drink The Water Of Life Poem by Allen Steble The Philosophical Poet

We All Must Drink The Water Of Life

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Neutrality is the balance
between bad and good
life is water...
a balance between good and bad,
we all must drink the water of life!

Depth from depth
..the pain
length from length
..the struggle
mile to mile
.. the frustration
a bitter taste
a rotten smell
a water we must drink
yet a water needed for survival

Height to height
..the pleasure
reach to reach
..the satisfaction
bredth to bredth
..the joy
a sweet taste
a fresh smell
a water we must drink
a water oh so sweet for survival

Waters of success
sweet to the mouth
a reward to the soul
the waters of life
a journey of thirst
a well of plenty

Waters of failure
bitter to the mouth
a teacher to the listening soul
the river of death
the most bitter water of all
yet a water we must all drink
... to satisfaction

The river runs black and rough
to the uncertain end
but certain finish
where taste is empty
smell is neutral
and realisation is simple,
where all find and embrace,
a moment of peace.

Sally Plumb Plumb 25 April 2011

We are all very thirsty.

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Patricia Grantham 05 November 2013

Yes we should all drink from the water of life freely. Whether it is hot or cold, sweet or bitter, fresh or stale, good or bad. This water in however which way it comes we must drink. It is our only road to survival. An excellent uplifting write Allen.

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Tracia Shalom 30 May 2013

Thanks for sharing such light when it comes to drinking water. I enjoy reading.

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Heather Wilkins 25 May 2013

oh yes, we must all drink of the water of life, Without it we will die. Excellent wrutung

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I love this, Allen. Water comes invites many more sound images in life. Very inspirational piece.I like the structure you have chosen to use your language.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 25 April 2011

We are all very thirsty.

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