Insomnia I

Some nights it's bound to be your best way out,
When nightmare is the short end of the stick,
When sleep is a part of town where it's not safe
To walk at night, when waking is the only way
You have of distancing your wretched dead,
A growing crowd, and escaping out of their
Time into yours for another little while;

Then pass ghostly, a planet in the house
Never observed, among the sleeping rooms

A Cloud Came Down

a cloud came down
and spread over
it kept on coming
closer and closer
tranquility and reassurance
along with peace
which descended

Final Act

We have to ascertain and make it sure
Life is not alone for sex and pleasure
It asks for self devotion and assurance
Safety and pledge for double reassurance

Nature too make it dominant scene
Clouds also clash and is evidently seen
Applaud with thunder and lightening
Light with flash rays seem very frightening

'Me And Teddy Bears - The Truth' (Exclusive)

I’ve never owned a teddy bear (aw…)

my parents read the child-rearing bibles
of the time, maybe that’s what it was

but I’m not pleading deprivation or
mental abuse; into my life
came Rex the lion cub

we loved each other from the moment

In Love With Love

Here sits a boy so in love with this girl,
But he won't say a word cause it sets him in a whirl.
And it won't stop spinning untill he can find
some rest, reassurance or peace of mind,
That this girl that he loves so very much wil be in his arms
to hold and touch.
All that he wants is for this girl to caress
But he can't possibly cause his heads such a mess.
And he desperatley longs and hopes for the day that he can openly but honestly say,
'i love you more than anythingelse, even more than life itself'.

0354 Not Quite War

Too young to know the horrors of a war I've fought,
too young to know war's fear, or yearn for heroism,
but old enough to have lived through;
boys but one year older than myself
lived and fought and died; and younger, some,
who fought in Malaya, Kenya, Korea, to the death...

Slit trenches in Hyde Park were the first photos in 1938,
apart from the official ones to stir our patriotism;
then cycling home from town as radios in every house

Leaflets From My Life - Faith Is A Healer

I have fallen sick many times in life,
So also, I have hurt myself many times.
As a dancer, there is always some kind
Of physical ailment or pain,
A muscle pull, a sprain,
Aches or even accidents.
Each time, I battled with it bravely,
Purely through my faith in God,
Or you may call it ‘Absolute Trust'
In the Universal Life Force to be healed!

(16) - Resolution

He stands outside the window.
His hunter’s senses
Can detect the two beings inside the room.
The metal balcony, cold to the touch,
His only reassurance.
-Fighting the fear inside.-
He is silent, cautious,
Risking no detection.
He hears her voice within.

Peace Came

When peace came,
I showered under streaming light
- Silent, settling -
Effectuating over all -
The reassurance drunk
From Mother Nature's breast.

And rays channeled through
The greys of ancient gloom
That paste the hopelessness of

And You Call It Love.......

Warm cocktail of happiness and pain
Sometimes the eyes cannot hold this disdain
unsaid constricts and the volcano erupts
ending a painful conflict within
to shed the tears to ease on the burden.

There are days when you long for human touch,
that one hug from someone you love or
maybe from someone who loves you.
This is reassurance that you exist.


I was so sorry, really.
On closing our heavy door
a slight resistance was detected
as if the hinges needed grease.
But not a sound disturbed the silence
though much regret took hold of me
when next I ventured through the entrance
and found a sad, disturbing pair
of bulging eyes, those of a lizard
regard me with curiosity.

A Hedge Of Rubber Trees

The West Village by then was changing; before long
the rundown brownstones at its farthest edge
would have slipped into trendier hands. She lived,
impervious to trends, behind a potted hedge of
rubber trees, with three cats, a canary—refuse
from whose cage kept sifting down and then
germinating, a yearning seedling choir, around
the saucers on the windowsill—and an inexorable
cohort of roaches she was too nearsighted to deal
with, though she knew they were there, and would

Visions Of You

I didn’t look both ways before crossing
Into what proved to be the intersection of my life.
The traffic racing by only served to blur my vision of you from across the street.
Passers by were the recollections of your countenance
As I look for you in every face.

I stepped out into the street
And found myself in the whirlwind of a city unfamiliar to me.
A city in the pace you’ve grown accustomed to
But far from the fields from whence we met.

Unicorn 10

Did they already have the image of that creature
grazing deep within their heart and mind
before the day when it revealed itself, gentle, sweet and mild,
living its life of glorious detachment,
invulnerable, free as freedom lives forever, is itself?

Or did it reveal itself to those who needed
the vision of itself, magnetic in its beauty;
the reassurance that it's there, and
may be loved; loved unconditionally?

Family Dynamics And War

Family Dynamics and War

They both saw their faces reflected in each others tears

as they dismantled the love they once knew in angry words and fears.

Their embittered regrets stood crucified along the highway of
their misunderstandings and manipulated meanings.

Their bad habits had the taint of addiction and habit, of rote reactions,

A Woman Needs...

What woman really does need in life?
Merely to stay in house as wife
Carry out normal activities throughout
Should know nothing what the life all about!

Suffer throughout the life with uncertainty
Voice muffled and no respect for purity
Used as object and authorized medium for nudity
Abused and shamed on the count of plurality

Inseperable Part

You were inseparable part
My life from the start
A precious diamond
And worth none to second

I look forward
With simple word
Of reassurance
That you give at once

O Earth, Sufficing All Our Needs

O earth, sufficing all our needs, O you
With room for body and for spirit too,
How patient while your children vex their souls
Devising alien heavens beyond your blue!
Dear dwelling of the immortal and unseen,
How obstinate in my blindness have I been,
Not comprehending what your tender calls,
Veiled promises and reassurance, mean.
Not far and cold the way that they have gone
Who through your sundering darkness have withdrawn;

Nose Measuring Politics: A Modest Proposal

Politics these days has such crazy-quilt aspects to it, it is difficult to figure out what is going on.
The Blue Dog democrats lost whose very existence made people wonder if the democrats were Dogs or Donkeys. I say both.

Similarly, the Republicans have become confused with being a mighty
elephant on the one hand or a tea bag at the bottom of my tea cup on the other.

This is symbol discombobulation such that bipartisan may mean that us poor voters might have to contemplate a tea sipping elephant (an ugly thought) but I might pay money to see that elephant attempt the act with that trunk; talk about a pinkie.

Break Of Bleakness

Whilst winter remains ensconced
You break bleakness over coldness embers
Fires stoke to orange and coax blues warm
to remember, bearing revitalisation

Throughout spring footsteps bounce, flowers
trigger pollens prate carried over breezes to rest
... only long enough to felicitate summer’s arrival
whilst we cool immersed in enriched waters babble