Final Act Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Final Act

Rating: 4.8

We have to ascertain and make it sure
Life is not alone for sex and pleasure
It asks for self devotion and assurance
Safety and pledge for double reassurance

Nature too make it dominant scene
Clouds also clash and is evidently seen
Applaud with thunder and lightening
Light with flash rays seem very frightening

It is how they send indication of season
Eagerness in heart and mind with all the reasons
Nothing can stop the emergence of waves
Happiness all over ……………..

Love is not merely a show of strength
It can travel to and fro at any wave length
It has free flow and no restriction
Endures and goes well without any friction

It has power and holy blessings
You can endure it with long inning
No matter if it is morning afternoon or evening
It may have its own blend and shining

It has beautiful magic and wonder
We can’t call it merely surrender
It is logical course with no hype
Love of special and different type

You may term it as sexual desire.
You must always appreciate and admire
How can we restrict it to its narrow means?
When it has all pure qualities and no sins

Let us not malign the God’s own creation
You may term it means for recreation
God has sent us for spreading of message
Love and not hate to find smooth passage

Love makes us to take long breath
We find it difficult while laying wreath
Love can’t be different in any of its kind
One must always feel and never mind

Ramesh T A 20 November 2009

Love is true and activates everything to happen and so, love is God!

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warner treuter 25 November 2009

Last three stanzas and the idea How can we restrict it (love) ? is very thought-promotional, uniquely original in width of view.

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Catrina Heart 24 November 2009

A poem tackle all aspect, depicting all angles of love in general point of view! ! !

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Lady Grace 20 November 2009

shhhhhhhhhh...for me, FINAL ACT is not the final fantasy but rather a final destination..lolz.... this piece is relatively an educational theme..nicely done...

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Danny H 20 November 2009

Love ;) how beautiful. Ever so creative you are with your poetry. lol but its ever so long

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James Mclain 20 November 2009

is is the source it leaves heart behind and moves on to find the love it will need to survive...iip

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