Reassurance Poems: 2 / 500

A Cloud Came Down

Rating: 3.1

a cloud came down
and spread over
it kept on coming
closer and closer
tranquility and reassurance
along with peace
which descended

Irene Clark-hogg 08 October 2009

This sounds like the sort of cloud that most of us need. A nice message. Irene

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Rafique Farooqi 20 September 2009

Cool write........ clouds come down to see us........

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Catrina Heart 29 August 2009

great work here Ahmad.....well done!

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rago rago 29 August 2009

a fine crafted brief poem with lot of passion....

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Surya . 28 August 2009

beautiful clouds that brought in peace.wonderful poem.voted10 suryas

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Khoirun Niam 31 August 2012

nice poem, and happy idul fitri

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Elaine Oxamendi Vicet 06 January 2011

Clouds can be beautiful or ominous, here it brings peace and tranquility. Good thoughts and sentiment and speaks of what the world needs in brief.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 10 September 2010

It gave me a lovely feeling. If you have time try 'Shower.'

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Michael Brock 06 May 2010

Brief poems are the best, this one says more with less. good use of imagery and word flow. thanks for sharing

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Lady Grace 01 November 2009

rain came cools the place..

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