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0354 Not Quite War

Rating: 2.4

Too young to know the horrors of a war I've fought,
too young to know war's fear, or yearn for heroism,
but old enough to have lived through;
boys but one year older than myself
lived and fought and died; and younger, some,
who fought in Malaya, Kenya, Korea, to the death...

Slit trenches in Hyde Park were the first photos in 1938,
apart from the official ones to stir our patriotism;
then cycling home from town as radios in every house

spread Chamberlain's sad patrician voice
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Ghada Shahbender 22 May 2005

Any encounter with war is war enough. This poem has brought back so many memories to me. I can really relate to what you describe here. I lived through two wars (1967 and 1973) and if there is anything I wish for my children never to have to live through, it is that experience. Thanks again Michael. GS

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this is simply wonderful, Michael! i swear as i read this i heard the theme from the Bridge on the River Kwai whistling in my ears. Jake

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Gillian.E. Shaw 19 May 2005

I loved it Michael! The poem feels like England and something she can't quite forget. Well done!

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