Visions Of You Poem by C Note

Visions Of You

Rating: 3.0

I didn’t look both ways before crossing
Into what proved to be the intersection of my life.
The traffic racing by only served to blur my vision of you from across the street.
Passers by were the recollections of your countenance
As I look for you in every face.

I stepped out into the street
And found myself in the whirlwind of a city unfamiliar to me.
A city in the pace you’ve grown accustomed to
But far from the fields from whence we met.

Pausing in the median to wipe my brow
Lifting my eyes to yours for reassurance
I discerned your image in the passenger seat
Of a car headed further northbound.
Your back was toward me
And I imagined you cheerful and unburdened.
Laughing even – but I’m not sure.

I could not discern the driver.
I’ve wondered if his was an arbitrary stop, unscheduled
Or maybe you were with him all the while.

The vision of your retreat has now subsided
And the dim roar of this strange city has reoccurred.
I’m nowhere near the cross walk
Yet confident as I step out once more
To cross over and leave behind
A scorn all too familiar.

Goldy Locks 14 April 2010

Really introspective work. Though your experiences are universal, they almost seem TOO personal, like you're overly caught up in the moment. You almost took your surroundings out of focus. I do love the metaphor of crossing the intersection. best care, goldy

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