Akhtar Jawad

Gold Star - 77,374 Points [BitterTruth] (8-2-1945 / Gorakhpur)

Akhtar Jawad Poems

1. Terror 3/27/2014
2. Minorities 3/28/2014
3. Earth In Universe 3/29/2014
4. Morning 3/30/2014
5. Who Is In A Cage 3/31/2014
6. Yet I Believe In Dear God 3/31/2014
7. Life Is A Play 4/3/2014
8. She Came In My Arms 4/4/2014
9. Intezar 4/5/2014
10. Husn Chala Kuch Jhenpa Jhenpa 4/5/2014
11. I Love Them Though They Are Wrong 4/6/2014
12. Oh Lovely Eve An All Time Need 4/8/2014
13. Ghazal-Jise Main Apna Samajhta Raha 4/8/2014
14. Ghazal-Woh Chupke Se Aa Geya 4/11/2014
15. Ghazal-Keya Mere Is Dil Mein Hay 4/12/2014
16. Ghazal-Lagte Hain Bhaley 4/12/2014
17. Ghazal-Woh Jo Bas Peyaretthey Ab Peyar Hhuwe Jate Hain 4/18/2014
18. Ghazal-Kam Se Kam Ghairon Pe Chahat Ke Bharam Rahte They 4/18/2014
19. Ghazal-Chand Aansu Hum Ne Pee Dale Chand Peetey Peetey Beh Bhi Gaye 4/18/2014
20. Superstitions 4/19/2014
21. Desires And Dreams 4/20/2014
22. What Is Soul 4/21/2014
23. I Do Not, But The Dog Has Some Worth 4/23/2014
24. No Sir, It's 21st. Century 4/25/2014
25. A Naat 4/27/2014
26. The Hungry Cat Kalua 5/3/2014
27. Moonlight Of My House-Chandni 5/3/2014
28. Beauty And Love 5/4/2014
29. The Saint Mother 5/10/2014
30. But She Was Touched 5/11/2014
31. Evening In Paris 5/17/2014
32. Ghazal-Khudshanasi 5/21/2014
33. A Fairy Came To Me 5/22/2014
34. Weak And Feeble Voices And Cries 5/29/2014
35. Buried Alive Part I 5/30/2014
36. Buried Alive Part Ii 5/30/2014
37. Ghazal-Rat Ke Pardon Mein Sahmi Si Mulaqat Nahin 5/25/2014
38. Why Don’t You Smile 5/26/2014
39. Tum Bhi Muhabbat Kar Ke Dekho 6/6/2014
40. An Upside Down Helpless Cockroach 6/7/2014
Best Poem of Akhtar Jawad

Two Flowers And The Bird

Alas! it's me who fell down in love!
But one who got a crown in love,
Almost alike both are pretty flowers,
Smiled, Oh Bird! In your handsome bowers,
I was shy I could not sing in love,
And you wanted a sting in love!
Pleasure of stings that doesn't sustain,
When stings are over it turns in pain,
How could I give a sting to you!
I could only give a spring to you,
She in the bouquet and I am down,
Could you see me in a jet white gown!
Lying on the bed and before I depart,
Take back the spring of my broken heart!

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Double Standards

I saw her photograph at home,
Liked her simple grace.
Saw her at a holy place,
Peace prevailing face.

I saw her on a modern town's roam,
Modern dressing modern style,
Posing for cameras and mobile,
A glorious past becoming futile.

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